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This is a summary of my animations on Sketchfab.

Futuristic car animation.

Test environment

Combat jet animation

Station and Monorail Wip 1

Decontamination Door

Geocaching Capsule

Futuristic car for 3d printing
A animation about how to assemble the 3d-printed pieces.

Laboratory door animated

Reactor Room

Gunbot with walk and idle animation.

Multi-Gun animation.

Station and Monorail Wip 2

Robot arm animation.

Another Sci-Fi Door

Rigged hand, just for fun.

Fire animation, just a strange armchairs with fire funktion.

Dragon with idle animation.

Video countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Handgun fire animation.

Wolf with some animations (Walk and Run Cycle)

A multi tool with animation.

Gears animation.

Robot crazy run cycle animation.

A spider with some animations I made 2011 as a playable character in a little game-project
for exploring the Blender Game Engine.

Futuristic transport shuttle animated.

Futuristic freighter animated.

Superconductor train animated scene.

A JGC radio with animation.

Satellite dishes thing.

Bullet Physics Demolition Animation.
Just for fun, here is a Bullet Physics Animation that I made with Blender for testing it on sketchfab,
it works very well and looks just like in Blender :) 
I baked the physics movements of all objects to animation keyframes for the export as FBX.

Here is an industrial wall fan part out of my Sci-fi-set which I am creating for a Game-Project.

Just another Bullet Physics animation.

The E-45 aircraft animated.

Sci-fi slide door.

Sci-Fi Door number 7

Fan animation.

Clock animation one hour in twenty seconds.

Geocaching Capsule Design 1

All files can be downloaded as fbx-file on Sketchfab or as blend-file on Blendswap or Cgtrader.
Feel free to use those for your projects :)…

     Made with  Blender
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September 27, 2015


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