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Survival AR Headset

My entry for the sketchfast4 contest last weekend (invent your ideal augmented reality headset).

Model Download on Blendswap:…

Want to rotate the Survival AR Headset in your browser?…

I won the community prize, 1 year of Sketchfab PRO. :)…

Aaron Costain composed the music for this Survival AR Headset, thank you Aaron :)…

made 98% with Blender 2.67…
and 2% PS CS3

feel free to use this Survival AR Headset for you own projects :)
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I saw this on Sketchfab and was amazed. Great Work!
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WTF?! Awesome!!!
Pikachu-Yin's avatar
SO COoolllll
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sic design bro

water/ fluid tanks in the back?
DennisH2010's avatar
It is maybe a bit to heavy for the head and could break your neck.
Also the solar system on the head, maybe I resize the component a bit.
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Great work once again, Dennis!:-)
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simply thank you :)
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Congrats! Featured in
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Awesome work :D Congratulations!
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Lets be honest. How many of us would replace the drinking water tank with our energy drink of choice.
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Yes, Everybody can fill in what he thinks is right, even beer.
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Oh man, I'm not sure alcohol and Augmented Reality would be a good mix XD
KRYPT06's avatar
excellent !!!!!!
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