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I'll be at New York Comic Con this weekend, Oct 8-11, in Artist Alley at table D-8.  Hope to see you there!
On August 22 and 23 I will be appearing at the WV Pop Con in Morgantown, WV, inhabiting the "Action Lab Island" along with fellow Action Lab creators Shawn Gabborin, Bill McKay and Chad Cicconi!  Swim out and say hello. :)
I will be at the Seaport World Trade Center this weekend, tables E1000-1001.
I'll be at East Coast Comic Con on April 11-12 at Meadowlands Exposition Center, Nj.  Table 624 and 626 with my buddies Andrew Edge and Dave Newbold.

I will also be at Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia on May 7-10 at the PA Convention Center.
I'll be at the Javits Center for NYCC this October 9-12 in artist alley table D9 with my buddy, Marvel writer/letterer Joe Caramagna.  Follow him on Twitter @JoeCaramagna
 I will be at the Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend with my friends Andrew Edge and David Newbold at tables A267-268 in Artist alley! We will have plenty of comics, prints, and original art for sale so stop by.
Head over to kickstarter and support :icongrantgoboom: by donating to his kickstarter project- Blade Raiders:Grimalkin graphic novel.…

Baltimore Comic Con is this weekend, Sept 7-8, at the Baltimore Convention Center.  I'll be in Artist Alley tables A114-115.  See you there!
I've actually found a few minutes to write a journal entry, so I'll make good use of this time and send a shout-out to :iconjoshuacovey: and his project Baako- Book 1, a graphic novel project on Kickstarter which is currently fully funded, but I encourage you to take a look and donate if you can to reach the stretch goals in these final hours.  Lots of goodies involved and I'm sure it's going to be a great book.  Check it out here…

I'm slowly plugging away on Wolves of Odin: Marauders of Midgard.  The operative word being 'slowly'.  It's taking way longer than it should, when I started I had enough free time to easily get it done, and then that free time disappeared, but I am committed to getting it done and out there, so my apologies for that.  Wolves of Odin was created by :icongrantgoboom:

Trying to carve out drawing time so maybe soon I'll have some new stuff to post, like more Star Trek babes which people seem to enjoy.

Thanks to everyone who watches and favs and takes the time to leave comments!
I'll be there for BCC April 20-21.  This will be my first trip to Boston.  See you there.
Use the coupon code NEWYEAR2013 at checkout to save 20% at my Etsy store for original art and prints.  Sale ends on January 31.
My pal Joe Caramagna is seeking funding for his project, the aforementioned Earp, on Kickstarter.

Help him out if you can, it's going to be a fun book.…
Over three weeks ago I sent in my sketch cards for TOPPS' upcoming STAR WARS GALACTIC FILES trading card set.  Today I received an email stating my cards are overdue.  

A few phone calls later and I have nada.

Have they been lost by the mail-carrier?  Maybe...

Have they been stolen?  Who knows...

If they happen to pop up on ebay or any place else, please let me know.

Thank you.

8/13- R.I.P Joe Kubert
The 'thanks' first- haven't been on DA for a while, thanks to everyone who's stopped by and fav'd and commented and watched and so forth, and if I don't get around to responding to you personally know that it's much appreciated.

Wolves of Odin is a book created by Grant Gould :icongrantgoboom:, and I'm on board to draw the second installment, Marauders of Midgard, published by Super Real Graphics.

Grant and I are aiming to have it done by SDCC 2012, so stay tuned for updates in the coming months.
As a nice aside from the daily grind I'll be drawing some pages for Matinee Eclectica.…

From the site:

'This collection will feature a wide array of short comics that I have written, all expertly drawn by some of the most exciting independent artists in the comic book industry. The comic will be diverse and engaging, covering a wide variety of genres and styles.
Confirmed stories in this 40+ page collection include:

"GOING ROGUE" with artist Steve Ott and Lisa Lamb - An ancient alien race has created the first perfect human clone...who has her sights set on America. (Sci-Fi)
"IN HER SERVICE" with artist Steve Ott - A young girl has spent the last several years in service of a mysterious countess, completely unaware of the her mistress's horrible secret. (Horror)
"ASSUMPTION: THE COWARD" with artists Ben Anstrom, Peter Palmiotti, and Ben Carbanero - Town coward RJ Morris has had enough of the bully Ben Hansen, but when push comes to shove can he defend both his honor and his family? (Western)
"ASSUMPTION: HONEST NED STRIKES" with artist Ryan Lee - The ruthless Honest Ned and his band of marauders have been robbing small towns all across the west, but just who is Honest Ned and what secret is he keeping from his own crew? (Western)
"THE ROAR" with artist Nick Justus - No one believes in battered ex-boxer Rory "The Monster" MacAllan, but there is something that brings him back to the ring after years away. (Sports)
"OUT OF THIS WORLD" with artist Kelly Tindall - Lonley hearts often find love on the internet, but for one cyber-nerd, love isn't the only thing lurking in a chatroom. (Sci-Fi)
"SPARROW: FIRST FLIGHT"with artist Dennis Budd - The first day on the job is usually easy, but for Hannah "Sparrow" Harper, her first day as a superhero is anything but! (Superhero)

The comic will also include pin-ups from superstar artists Tracie Mauk (FIGHT! webcomic), Josh Howard (DEAD 17), Victor Santos (MICE TEMPLAR) and Moritat (ELEPHANTMEN, THE SPIRIT). The cover will be drawn by critically acclaimed artists Joe Eisma (MORNING GLORIES) and Misty Coats (SKULLKICKERS). Production assistance and logo design will be provided by artist Ryan Lee. The variant cover will be provided by artist Guy Allen.'
I need to somehow make the days longer.  busy busy

Been a while since I updated or looked through the site.  Always thanks to everyone who stops by and watches and favs and leaves yummy llamas.
Every so often I venture out into convention territory. This weekend, Sat. and Sun.,I'll be in New York at table D-16 with my buddy, Marvel letter extraordinaire Joe Caramagna. I'll be scribbling, he be...doing whatever a letter does, so on and so forth. See ya there.
Every so often I venture out into convention territory.  This weekend I'll be in Baltimore at table A202 with my buddy, Marvel letter extraordinaire Joe Caramagna.  I'll be scribbling, he be...doing whatever a letter does, so on and so forth.  See ya there.
I did about 36 cards for the set, which are popping up on the bay

the important info (yeah, I'm a little late in posting this)-

:icon5finity:  :iconpulpgirls: sketch card set

5finity will be releasing the 600 sketch card Pulp Girls set  on 7/15.

The set features dozens of cool DA artists, all doing original art of the many Pulp Girls - subversive genre girls inspired by grindhouse cinema and pulp heroes!


A 5finity card pack is equal to one original artist sketch card randomly inserted from the artist list on the set. The packs themselves retail for $24.95 msrp.

Packs also include the following extras (for the Jam, 1200 card - two series, full set):

75 rare artist sketch cards (1:16 packs)
75 hot packs with 2-3 sketch cards (1:16 packs)
20 prismatic holofoil sketch cards (1:60 packs)
20 commission request redemption cards (1:60 packs)
4 ruby embedded sketch cards (1:300 packs)

Plus unannounced inserts and surprises!

Odds of receiving a special pack are approximately 1 in 6!!

Release date is 7/15
It's never a bad idea to help out indie creators when you can, therefore may I direct your attention to :iconfelipecagno: and his property: THE LOST KIDS.

The Art of Lost Kids: Seeking Samarkand is an 80 pg hardcover full of production art and a preview of The Lost Kids graphic novel.

There's also an art contest with some substantial monetary prizes.  The deadline is 8/1/10, so check that out too.

There's really incredible work there, so show these creators some love