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Wonder Woman_Lynda Carter 2

By DennisBudd
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The lady who would forever influence my taste in women: Lynda Carter :drool: as Wonder Woman.

Acrylic and oils on illustration board
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© 2010 - 2021 DennisBudd
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Beautiful work. :) Truly simply beautiful. 
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My favorite show and Actress.
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The only Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter.I salute you! 
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Love this so much... You make me love Wonder Woman and Lynda Carter (we have the same name. I'm so lucky !! Giggle ) even more !! I am a dummy!

Keep up the excellent work !! Nod 
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She's the best!
Beautiful use of colour, love the soft blending effect.
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While Lynda Carter gets a lot of  attention for how she filled out the Wonder Woman costume, she also has a really pretty face, and your painting is beautiful
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Good luck trying to find someone to take over the WW role from this woman anytime soon. Lynda's truly one-of-a-kind.


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Great pic of an OBVIOUS Tough Act To Follow (no new WW since Ms. Carter)!
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THE iconic wonder woman
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This is why a movie won't work. Because Lynda is what they can't get right. The comics of today keep getting WonderWoman wrong when Lynda got it down right. Look at Lynda you see a woman, not a soldier, or wrestler, fighter, none of that; that's not what WonderWoman is at all. There's the warmth and kindness to her but she is a warrior under all that beauty - and only when she has to be. Yet Hollywood can't get that mix right. It's either full on sex symbol, MMA fighter or femme fatal which are all cliche and stereotypical. Lynda's interpretation of Wonderwoman was always spot on.

I love this picture it's just perfect.
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It's nice to see such a great portrait of Lynda Carter. Great job.
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you really captured her. very very well done
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It's a wonderful drawing of the ONE woman who defines WW for an entire generation, Lynda Carter. It captures her beauty, her smile, and that touch of fragility which helped her make it what it was. Her very inexperience as an actress was made into an asset. Love it!
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Stunning! Great Job Dennis!
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Very beautiful tribute to Lynda Carter!!! :)
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