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Wolverine fighting ninjas. Everyone loves ninjas, especially dispatching them. :)

colored in Painter/Photoshop
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LOGAN san's morning workout.

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I know I'm late to the party, but this is an awesome piece of artwork. Wow.
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incredible line and colour work! incredible!
I resent that! I do NOT enjoy dispatching ninjas!! If I had to be a ninja or a pirate, I would definitely choose ninja. Because ninjas are sweet.
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That's cause ninjas are made of sugar :)
Exactly!!! Sugar and spice and everything nice!!

And then came Chemical X... duhduhduh.....

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Yea, and it gives you a small high when you tell people "i took out some ninjas".
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Ninja + Wolverine! Super hit! I like the water!
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Those silly ninjas think that their claws are a match for Wolverine's!

Sweet piece Dennis. I really like the tree trunks in the background. I don't mean to focus on something that is most likely unimportant to you. I like everything else too. I just REALLY like the tree trunks, hence the mention of the tree trunks.

... tree trunks....
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It's the little things that can make all the difference in the world. :)
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Awesome work.
Love the detail.
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Excellent, love the colours and the little touches with the ninja claws!
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That's right, beat up those awesome red ninjas! I usually say "that was so ninja", but maybe I should say "that's so x-men." or better yet, say "That's so Wolverine.":D
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