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So instead of doing the ten million (constructive) things that I ought to have been doing, I spent a day an a half on this one (unconstructive) thing.

Aaanyway. It happens.

It's been a while since I made a font. (Heck, it's been a while since I uploaded. Can't help it. Life is full of other things.)

Feel free to take and use, would appreciate comments and/or peeks at finished projects, though! :)
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This is what I am looking for..Such a good font work..Thanks.
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How do you create a font?  How do you upload it? Program?
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Will be using your font for an art project that will scale over a great amount of days:
ok goog font, i think is that i need thanks, roy.
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Thank you, Denn! I used your lovely typeface here:
[link]. Stop by and I'll send you a print!

Mary Jill
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Hello, just one really quick question, since you made this font, and I have been looking for the font like in this photo [link]
Can you help me find out the name or the source for this font? Because your font and the one I'm looking for have so much resemblances but not exactly it is.

Thank you
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Many Thxxx for your works, i used here: [link] :hug:
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I would like to leave a very big thank you for this! I've been searching for hours to find the font that matched perfectly with what I wanted to do (Picky XD) and this is it! :)
So thanks a lot for making this!
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This is a fantastic font
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Used here: [link]

Thank you :happybounce:
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Thank you, it looks great :-)
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This is beautiful!
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Just letting you know I downloaded your font...I may or may not end up using it on a website!! I'm looking at a few fonts. But it's very nice!
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Pretty cool! used here [link]
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How can I use it on FB ??
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Cool font :)
Used it here [link] and credited you.
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I used your font here: [link]
Thanks for sharing! :w00t:
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That's so lovely! Thanks so much for posting it! ^_^
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thank u a lot, was very helpful
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thanks:) loved it
love this! how can i download it?
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