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You were right, I truly know nothing

It's been a while but im back :D Jon Snow burning Ygritte's body, another scene we didnt really saw in the books, i think this is one of my faves from these series now when I look back Im really disappointed of my drawings of Jamie and Daenerys but fuck it moving on :D Im also done with Margaery, soon soon
If you look closely you'll see that i didnt forgot the scar
and it also took me quite a time to figure out these lights
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One of my favorite Jon arts of all time!

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Sometimes I think that Jon's noble honesty is going to be his undoing just like Ned Stark...
This is how I would picture an older Jon Snow.
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Beautiful piece!
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Make more Jon Snow art please, this is amazing <3
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i like your jon snow
The hair makes it a lot better. If only they made Kit Harrington get a perm to make his hair straight.
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ohmigod, he looks so fiercly hoot!! really great work, it almost looks like a photograph, not a drawing!
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Wow, he looks great. Did you use the guy from the series as a reference, as I can see some of him in Jon's face?
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no i used the face of some model but I dont remember the name, i know it reminds of kit in a way
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Very much, yes:)
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Well at least he knows that he doesn't know nothing. :D

Platon echoes off into the distance...
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Lol he looks a bit like Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Concords.
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Jon´s actor should have been something like this in the TV show. When reading the books, I imagined Jon similar to yours =) Great job!
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poor Jon. awesome piece, I love the light.
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I love Jon. Such a wonderful look in his eyes
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Great job, my friend!
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He looks amazing. I too wanted to have a scene like that in the books and I imagined so many ways it could take place...
It's really great to see you draw this scene!
Also, love the highlights in Jon's hair^^
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wow, he is so beautiful! *_*
that is how I wanted him to be in the GoT series on TV :P
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