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Say Goodbye to the Last Dragon

This scene probably never happen but anyway, the last time Elia and Rhaegar saw each other. I purposely made him look very cold and emotionless because we all he was a dick to poor elie. (I want to clarify, I'm sure he did not abuse or offend Elia, but he ran with another woman and definitely is the reason for her death, so yeah he's not the best person) and yes I also stand for Rhaegar&Lyanna i already did a drawing for them :D
PS this is the fastest semi realistic digital paining I've ever done, Im doing one portrait of jimmy q and its taking me ages and this was about 6 hours.
Reference: Some screencap from Vampire Diaries I found on google for the body poses and Elia's face (yeah its Nina Dobrev in general :D) and Alex Pettifer for Rhaegar's face.
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Funnily enough he looks like the Rhaegar I created with Photoshop, despite that I chose another likeness. He is my favourite character and I agree with what someone else said here. I see concern. He did care for Elia and I didn't see anyone comment for one of the most important reasons he wanted a child with Lyanna instead of Elia. It's because Elia would very likely have died if she had another child, so the sad irony was that he didn't want her to die, thus he found Lyanna who he loved as well and who would become the mother of the third head of the dragon. 
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In Selmy's words, he was "fond" of Elia and didn't really have it in him to love anyone. As much as I wish Elia x Rhaegar was solid canon, he still publicly humiliated her, got her pregnant again too soon, and didn't leave her with enough protection while she was Aerys' hostage. ;( (And for the record, I definitely don't think he and Lyanna loved each other but that's another story.)

But that's why I love art like this, showing the good times before things turned sour. 
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Well we know Rhaegar was obsessed with this prophecy and he knew it was important. Did he know it would lead to the end of the White Walkers, that it would save Westeros? Nobody knows. All he knew was that he needed three children and he knew that if Elia gave birth to a third child she would die and he cared for her enough to put aside his obsession to not put her through such an ordeal to condemn her to such a fate. 

I do hink Rhaegar loved Lyanna. I think others might think he was just looking for another woman to give birth to his third child, but that’s not what happened. When he came across her he was starstrucked. 
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I see it   similarly like you.
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Care to be more specific? :)
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I love a couple like Rhaegar and Elia. I think Lyanna Stark's fandom is already overrated, while no one wants to see the power of Dragon Dragon's feelings, hardly anyone wants to see her tragedy. Just as if the determinant of miraculousness was the crown of winter roses. I have my own theory about Rhaegar and Elia. Elia, feeling that she was in poor health, chose Lyanna herself as her deputy, wanting a mother for her children, and at the same time a mother with magical blood, so that the prophecy of a three-headed dragon could come true.
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good tender piece. I agree that it was not rape but that she loved him as he loved her. 
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Gorgeous piece! (Good lord, he is beautiful!)
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Oh...I wont belive Rheagar love Elia too..
I love this art!
All these folks hatin' on Rhaegar....yes, yes the man wasn't perfect, made mistakes & was too focused on a prophesy that drove him for reasons that are still unclear and made him turn a blind eye to Elia [whose story we STILL don't know folks!], but the man had a good heart and cared about the people in the Seven Kingdoms, which led to his devastating choice. Was it clear at the time for that decision....NO! But he believed in the prophesy of the 3 headed dragon, which as time will prove he was right about and came true [or will] in the most unlikely three people, one of them from the Dragon family.
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Best portrait of Rhaegar ever!!! These cheekbones... He was such a sexy beast.
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I absolutely love this painting, it's so iconic. For me it's like Rhaegar heading to the Trident, knowing that he probably won't come back. His expression shows how much he is concerned, knowing the consequences that his likely defeat would provide to the realm and to his family. And Elia's face shows how much she is desperate and scared, asking him to stay, even though she knew he fled with Lyanna and left her alone in the Red Keep. She still loves him, he is the father of her two children after all.
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I love this Pic! So sad that Elia died in a more tragic ending. My Gosh, all this for a northern girl. Tsk,tsk,tsk, what is the world coming to? I love the way Elia is looking-so sad and heartbroken.  
I like Rhaegar. He was also bit mad (possessed by prophecies, magic and other stuff like his grandfather), which led to tragic consequences. I dislike him for his behave to Elia, but in all other aspects, I like him and think he could be great king. Probably, greatest mistake was Aerys did not marry Rhaegar to Cersei. That would be... cute pair. :D
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"... and definitely is the reason for her death, so yeah he's not the best person..."

Thank you, thank you so much for saying that. The majority of GoT fans love Rhaegar, people find all kind of excuses (he was in love, he didn't know that some horrible thing could happen to his wife and children, bla bla bla) to justify the poor choice he did and didn't think of the consequences. I freak out with these excuses, it's ridiculous, so yeah, I'm definitely NOT a fan of Rhaegar. I use to say that the only honorable thing Robert Baratheon did in all the war was to kill Rhaegar (because Robert doesn't worth much either, when he turn his back to Tywin Lannister's actions regardind Elia and her children).
Even so, I love your portrait of both, Rhaegar and Elia :) 
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My favorite, this is beautiful
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He has failed as a husband. He is the reason why his wife, his child and other random child killed in the first place.
Too bad, he is dead.
Finally someone who also believe *SPOILER* that Aegon is not fAegon. I hope he will revenge his sister and mother (well, most of those who have their blood on hands are dead).
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No one is actually sure if they did love each other the same happened with Lyanna Stark
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"He didnt love her and was forced to marry her... how would you act?" What a idiotic question is that? What if every lord and lady act like Rhaegar what would happened to him in Medieval Age? He is a son of a bitch so get over it.
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Not to criticise your drawing, but I don't see Rhaegar as cold in this drawing, I see concern. Concern that his actions are going to affect Elia in worse ways than he anticipated. I adore this art though, it's amazing xx 
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I always knew Elia there look eerily familiar haha
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