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Sansa Stark

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Next in my series we have Sansa Stark aka one of my top 3 ASOIAF characters. I wanted to illustrate Sansa around the time she was in the Eyrie (is she still there in the books? I don’t remember.) While I designed Margaery’s outfit to be very flashy and probably a bit too modern, I wanted Sansa to look more traditional, restrained and almost hidden in her clothes. Considering she is posing as Littlefinger’s bastard I still wanted to make her dress “nice” but definitely muted and not particularly recognizable. As it’s snowing in the Eyrie, I wanted the dress to have fur and resemble a cape and almost imply that if Sansa decides to run away it would be enough to keep her warm. Finally, I wanted to include her direwolf Lady similar to my drawing of Robb. Unfortunately Lady never got to grow up so I drew her as a puppy. And i won’t even discuss Sansa’s nonsensical art from the later seasons of the show, because✨I hated it✨
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This is exquisite! Amazing art.

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This is so great. She looks beautiful. And loved her dress too. I hated the gothic dress and silly necklace that show gave her. And LADY!! So many fanarts don’t include her direwolf just because she died but Sansa still feels the connection between her wolf so I’m so glad that you included her. Wonderful art.