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Rey / The Force Awakens

IM FREAKING OUT!!! CAN I HAVE THIS MOVIE ALREADY?!?!?!? Sorry for this, but Im too excited for the new Star Wars movie, so I felt inspired to drawn the new main character aka Rey aka WHO YOU KIDDING GIRL, YOU NO REY YOU LEIA & HAN'S DAUGHTER! (seriously if's she's not ill freak out even more) the chances of me crying in the cinema are about let's say 2837%
I definitely want to do Kylo Ren after *if I ever have time, as being a MA student is a PAIN*
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Love the art, not the character.
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OMG..this is totally awesome. Can it be bought as a print??? (:
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Nice artwork!

I like Rey and STAR WARS! :D .D :D
I would love getting this printed on a t-shirt. There are no really nice Rey ones out there.
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Great picture! I think she might be Luke's daughter for a number of reasons: the lightsaber that chose her, and her great piloting skills and being good at fixing stuff she could have inherited from both Luke and Anakin. And yes, she looks a lot like Padmé. I'm pretty certain she has to be a Skywalker, though I at first thought her to be Leia's daughter.
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Love it!

Though, from what I gathered from the movie, considering that Han and Leia would've known if they had a daugher, and they haven't mentioned any sort of relationship with her..

She's likely Luke's daughter.. 
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absolutely agree, before seeing the movie I thought Kylo would be Luke's son and Rey Leia's daughter but now I think the opposite
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There's a small hint that Han maybe knew who Rey actually is...

During their stop at Maz Kanata's cantina when Rey chased Finn who decide to run away from the First Order, Maz asked Han "Who's the girl?" but they cut that scene right away to Finn & Rey.. So there's a conversation between her & Han outside the frame discussing who Rey really is..  
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That would be quite interesting. I think that Leia might know or sense something as well, based on her reaction when she first meets Rey after they return from the StarKiller battle. I mean, she sensed what happened with Han and instead of going to Chewbacca for comfort, she went to "the girl she sees for the first time"? I definitely need to see the movie again, but for now I'm pretty sure Rey is a Skywalker 
(and the resemblance with Natalie Portman is uncanny, why would they chose a girl who looks like Padme Amidala BIG time, if they're not planning to have them related. I don't think JJ would be trolling us that much) 
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yeah, though i'm interested if Rey becomes a great & strong Jedi that doesn't come from Skywalker family
The Force is definitely strong with this one.... Well done.
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Great work. I love her already!
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