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Mother Merciless (Catelyn Tully Stark) Finished

I finished my image of catelyn after the red wedding. Its not completely finished but i got a bit bored and i dont really know how to draw a cut throat. Catelyn or Lady Stoneheard or whatever is completely awesome character and i just dont get it why people hate her so much. Vengance for the Starsk mothafuckas ! :D
Check my new Stoneheart drawing
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I think this will be the big reveal of Season 5.
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We'll never see Lady Stoneheart on the program. Pity. 
I believe that this is the last face JAIME will see as he dies...
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Horrible pucture as it should be. I love it.
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We hate her because by releasing Jaime she basically sealed the North's fate and killed based King Robb.
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Fuck I also forgot she burned down Winterfell as well...
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yes she also married Jayne Westerling and fucked up the Fray deal, plotted the Red Wedding herself not that Tywin, killed Ned Stark and pushed Bran for the tower. Maybe she will break the Wall some day and release some white walkers in Westeros. And don't forget she started the whole war by being mean to Jon Snow.
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if bran sees her like this hi'll have nightmares
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Amazing! I love it, now is easier to imagine Lady Stoneheart. I hope HBO includes her in the 4th season. Would you mind if I try to draw this with pencils? Of course, all the rights and the merit are yours. Once more, good job!
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thanks very much! Im almost done with another stoneheart drawing Ill probably upload it later. Also yea draw it, its ok with me as long as you credit me as a source if you share your version :]
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Thank you! No problem, once I've uploaded my version I'll put the link with the original picture and your name :) What's more, I'll give a look to the other Stoneheart drawing once you upload it.
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Did I just spoil season 4 for myself....ha
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hopefully, if they cut Cat from the show or worse if they change her with that idiot thing Talisa I'll burn HBO
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This is really good! You've captured that dead face-sunken-in look with a zombie like gaze. She actually looks pretty in a vampiric way.
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Missed her in the season finale. Now I have to wait a year D:
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I know that is probably rude and obnoxious, but:
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i want stoneheart in the show fucked up ugly and mad, but I dont think they'll do it that way...
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She's gonna kill... them... all
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Can't wait to see this character in action!
This is awesome. Best depiction I've seen of Catelyn Stark/Lady Stonehart
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AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i like her ... i always liked her and i dont get it why so much guys hate her -.-'
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This was used here- [link] You were credited, but I wasnt sure if you knew or not.

Great job, just about right in how I pictured her...
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thank you, i know it was used in the wiki, i gave my permission :]
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