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Mad King's Children

Final version of my drawing of the Targaryen siblings, Viserys, Daenerys and Rhaegar. It took me more then I was expecting because god damned Viserys was pain in the ass to draw :D I also wanted to feature the Targaryen banner but it didn't fit right
Here's a link to the WIP [link]

Next Im doing the Lannister twins, I really wanted to finish the Stark kids illustrations but I dont have enough time and then I have to do some family portraits
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Wow such talent! Siblings look alike and you make it..😍😍
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Beautiful art work.
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Oh my gosh, you are so freaking good at drawing people.
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I've got to love the family format and how perfectly close to the show you've drawn Daenerys and Viserys, denkata5698:) (Smile) ! And more importantly, of the countless depictions of prince Rhaegar, yours here is my favourite oneJudge :squee: !!
One, this is TRULY good....Two, now I see who did this...Three, did you know your pictures are floating on Youtube, lots of folks use them for their videos about the Targeryens.
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Did you base Rhagar off Sam witwer
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Hey, nope I remember basing him on alex pettyfer. Now I'm working on another Rhaegar drawing and Im basing him on someone else this time :D 
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Oh okay, do you think they'll ever actually show him on the show?
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In all honesty, I'm not following the show very much after the awful season 5, saw the battle of the bastards and winds of winter though and there were incredible. I think it's possible to get rheagar in, with all these visions Bran is having, however I personally feel his casting will be underwhelming. I was super bummed with the casting of adult Lyanna, it felt they just picked a random girl from the street, definitely not the Lyanna i wanted, therefore I prefer to have my vision of Rhaegar than see some random generic casting. 
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Who do you think jon will marry?
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Hopefully no one, especially if it's daenarys I'm going to gag - that's possibly the most cliche option and i hope they don't go with it. But if there should be some political marriage I'd much rather see Jon and Sansa solidify the North.
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Sorry for the late response and no disrespect, but how does that not make you gag, since they grew up as brother and sister and are related?
Speechless, this is really good
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Wow! your style is lovely <3
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fuuuuuucking amaaazing
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Awesome, keep it up! More targaryens/Stark pls? 
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All of your work is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it. Hug 
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Beautiful! I love it!
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You've caught Visery's sly expression beatifully.
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