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Lady Stoneheart: Stranger's Handmaiden

Hello everyone. Here's my new drawing of lady stonheart (the one I posted a spoiler pic of) It took me a while to finish couse for once I decided to do background, something I usually ignore. I wanted to give it a sense of death and that's why I used mainly black and dark red symbolising the blood bath ASOIAF is. I always though it would be a great scene if we have Cat walking in woods and there being thick mist around (totally freacky in my opinion) In the far back we see some hanged Freys, behind Catelyn the dead "ghost-type of visions" of Robb and Ned and of course Robb's crown which was cut from the Game of Thrones for no reason (seriosly, a king without a crown?? it couldn't have been so hard to make one.. its also very important detail when Breanne first meets LS, anyway fuck you HBO) I based the characters on the actors that play them in GOT because I think Richard and Sean Bean were perfectly cast and Michelle for me is still the best actress of all in the show, ignoring her for that Emmy thing was a really low move.
Literally if the cut Stoneheart or replace Michelle Fairley for the role I'll cut D&D and there will be lots of regards send.
Anyway after my monologue I really hope you guys like the drawing it was a great thing to do.
My old verison of Stoneheart here
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scary just more cadeveric, game of the dead
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This is perfect. Exactly like I imagined her while reading the books!
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I featured your fantastic work into my journal:… Hope you like it :heart: If there is a problem, please let me know!
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Awesome! I love it :O
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Btw, LOVE the crown. It's totally kick-ass.
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Awesome drawing. I love it. It saddens me that Catelyn turned hatefull, but she has every right and I kind of feel like she's doing good for being that way..
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I'd put my money on her showing up in the season 4 finale.
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I heard they are going to feature stuff from affc so i think she will appear earlier, hopefully they will show beric's kiss in the end of the first season, this will be epic
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Stoneheart looks absolutely terrifying here. Like a female Grim Reaper. Amazing job!
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Amazing picture, it really captures the spirit of the book :)
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really great pic ^^ love it
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Great pic. I do love the background of the pic.

As for your artist notes, I seriously doubt they'll cut Stoneheart from the series and I do think it would be dumb to replace Fairly. I do think that if there are any characters who are no longer serving a critical role in the book but are still alive, and were involved in the RW, that they will be one of her victims to be hung in the TV series.
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Damn I hope you are right, also I hope they give her more screen time ( like with theon but no pointless torture porn) couse fairley for sure will nail the part 
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Awesome! You've managed to capture Stoneheart's dark aura and thirst for revenge. It looks pretty cool :) I specially love Robb and Ned's visions in the background. Good job :)
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Nice one dude, I can't wait for Stoneheart to appear on tv! I hope she looks like this!
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This is hauntingly beautiful! Well done!
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