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I am Alayne, Father. Who else would I be?

I saw the Game of Thrones season 4 "promo" which was literally 2 seconds but was enough to pump me up :D
Here's a drawing of Alayne Stone aka Sansa Stark (not sorry for the spoiler read the damn books) in the Eyrie. I started this months agon but just now I had time to finish it. Hope you people like it.
btw yes, i never get tired of drawing Sansa, Jaime and the targaryens :D
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She kinda resembles Lyanna here.
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Beautiful drawing.
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I love the way you draw Sansa! And I much prefer this costume to the show's- it looked like something from the Wizard of Oz.
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Wow, gorgeous Alayne Stone!
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I want that dress. With your permission, could I someday cosplay this version of Sansa? This is amazing!
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yeah of courss! just send me a link when you do it i really want to see it made :D
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Of course! Thank you so much! I'll do my best! 
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It's funny how you made this picture months ago and the new Sansa/Alayne has been just revealed in the series, and her dress has some feather winglike shoulder thing just like your picture. Are you a clairvoyant? haha
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Wow. I really like this work. Sansa with her dyed hair and wearing a dress of the colours of the Vale, and the look in her eyes colder than the snow outside !
This is haunting. I've been searching "reference pictures" for my fic and this is my Sansa. This is... Gods, this is cold and calculative and desperate and tired and strong and seven hells! You have no idea how much this will help with my useless labour of love. Thank you.
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That is not a real spoiler, luckily... (yes I've read the books, but it takes serious effort so I feel sympathy for people who don't)
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This is beautiful. Sansa has such a haunted expression, a loss of hope. It's perfect to her situation at that time. I am also so excited to see the new season.
(SPOILERS) Most of all to see how the internet is going to blow up again over some of the events to come.
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It's so pretty.
Holy smokes is that you Sansa???
Good job, puberty.
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Oh, I LOVE the dress, it is beautiful!
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Good one! I can't wait for season 4!! 
From the thumnail she looked like Lyanna :)
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Amazing work! I like the textures of her cape and her face is so expressive!
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:excited: Spring can't come faaast enough~
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