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Aegon VI (Young Griff) Targaryen

Commission for [link]
I did many drawing from this type but I dont plan to upload them, only one of Brandon Stark
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I think you are the only one artist who respects the hair's growth. Everyone already draws him with silver hair, although he didn't dye it since the meeting with The Golden Company
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This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the hair style, like one Rhaegar had on your "Mad King's Children". That Targaryen belt buckle is a great detail. Always liked the TV variant of the sigil.
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Dude this is soooo weird, i have the same image of him after reading the last book. we're on the same page buddy.
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This is good, but Young Griff is Aegon VI (6). Aegon IV (4) was known as 'Aegon the Unworthy,' said to be the worst Targaryen king. He legitimized his Great Bastards on his deathbed, leading to the Blackfyre Rebellion, which was a major problem for the Targaryen dynasty and Westeros as a whole
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shit, you're right. I dint even notice the typo, cheers
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Haha glad I could help
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He looks great, but Young Griff would be Aegon VI not Aegon IV.
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very well done. Although I would have done the signature silver white hairy that marks the Targaryen line. But great work! I would love to see you do more characters such as the Sand Snakes or the Red Viper???
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this one is part of a commission so I don't really pick the characters I draw :D and about the hair I wanted to keep the blue but still you can see the silver coming out, couse the drawing doesn't specify from what period it is
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Cool. I'd love to see which character you would have picked to draw if it wasn't a commission.
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if you want check my profile to see the series of characters I'm doing separate from this :]
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Still with blue hair? Minor nitpick, there should be roundels protecting the gap between his harness and shoulder plates, perhaps also bearing the dragon. He should also wear a gorget. Otherwise, great drawing.
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