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GladiaThor by denkata5698 GladiaThor :icondenkata5698:denkata5698 623 17 The Prince that was Promised by denkata5698 The Prince that was Promised :icondenkata5698:denkata5698 323 17 Geralt of Rivia by denkata5698 Geralt of Rivia :icondenkata5698:denkata5698 269 9 Arkham's Joker and Harley by denkata5698 Arkham's Joker and Harley :icondenkata5698:denkata5698 69 3 Bludhaven's Nightwing by denkata5698 Bludhaven's Nightwing :icondenkata5698:denkata5698 306 16 Walter 2104 by denkata5698 Walter 2104 :icondenkata5698:denkata5698 33 3 Red Hood Unmasked by denkata5698 Red Hood Unmasked :icondenkata5698:denkata5698 146 1 Arkham's Red Hood by denkata5698 Arkham's Red Hood :icondenkata5698:denkata5698 295 4 Gotham's Bat Family by denkata5698 Gotham's Bat Family :icondenkata5698:denkata5698 406 25 Emperor Paul Atreides by denkata5698 Emperor Paul Atreides :icondenkata5698:denkata5698 101 4 Lady Jessica of House Atreides by denkata5698 Lady Jessica of House Atreides :icondenkata5698:denkata5698 114 7 2k16 Aesthetics by denkata5698 2k16 Aesthetics :icondenkata5698:denkata5698 30 2 BUCKY YET AGAIN by denkata5698 BUCKY YET AGAIN :icondenkata5698:denkata5698 184 2 Rey / The Force Awakens by denkata5698 Rey / The Force Awakens :icondenkata5698:denkata5698 705 19 Black Widow by denkata5698 Black Widow :icondenkata5698:denkata5698 220 2 Captain America in Age of Ultron by denkata5698 Captain America in Age of Ultron :icondenkata5698:denkata5698 503 10


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Don't know how and why Marvel missed on this obvious pun :D So after Infinity War I'm convinced that Thor is pretty much MCU's MVP (along Doctor Strange because magic, duh) sp I decided to draw him. I was a massive fan of how the character was revamped in Ragnarok and he definitely delivered when it came to dealing with Thanos. Though I have to admit that if Thor kept the two swords are primary weapons I would have loved it far better, swords always look so badass in my opinion. Cosmic goodness y'all 
The Prince that was Promised
Guess who's back on the ASOIAF train??? To be honest it's been years since I've tried to make another Rhaegar drawing and probably 4 or 5 times I gave up completely and started from a scratch. No joke, this for me was the most difficult character to do ever :D I might eventually post all my unsuccessful attempts who knows. So back on topic, this is a "royal" portrait of prince Rhaegar Targaryen, in a universe where he was crowned king. I know that the prophecy of "the prince that was promised" is usually associated with Rhaegar's child(ren?) but I feel that he was a very special character and if he lived, who knows?

Little bit about the drawing, I didn't want to use the well-known ruby decorated armor, because here Rhaegar is with what i imagine to be a traditional/royal armor that has been passed through the Targaryen generations. I definitely wanted to focus on some dragon details and I chose to have the shoulder pads shaped like big scales. Also i wanted the armor to feel old and not necessarily well preserved, as we all know that the Targaryens were conquers. I felt that introducing the dragon insignia in the design will be an overkill as already the armor is very detailed so I chose to represent the Targaryen crest with 3 red rubies, one in the crown and 2 on the sword. Initially I was planning to draw some scenes of the conquest in the stained glass behind Rhaegar but in all honesty I got too bored with the drawing and i decided to go with a standard Gothic design. 

I'm also planning a house Targaryen drawing with Daenerys, Viserys and Rhaegar, but it's not a priority. Some Thor character design next wohoo :D

Hope you guys enjoy it
Geralt of Rivia
I feel it's been ages since I last posted something here, oh yea, because it's true. New year, new concepts! Here's some character design of the baddest witcher in town, Geralt of Rivia. I'm a massive fan of Wild Hunt, it's probably my favourite video game of all time, to the extend that it got me to read all the Witcher novels because I just needed more of this world. Now that Netflix is making a show of the saga I decided it's only appropriate to do some art myself. Hope you guys enjoy it. 
Arkham's Joker and Harley
Just in time for Halloween. :D If you've seen my gallery you can notice that this year I mainly focused on DC and Dune character design and here's another entry in that club - Mr J and Harley. Again this is a rendition not necessarily based on DCEU's current interpretations of these characters but more like what I'd like to see on the big screen. This said, I do feel Margot Robbie (especially) and Jared Leto are perfect visual representation of Joker and Harley Quinn therefore I chose to base my characters on their physical appearance to some degree. I absolutely hated Suicide Squad and I felt Leto's Joker was cringy af, but I still hope that with the right direction these characters can truly shine. Robbie's HQ is already iconic to some people and she was the highlight of SS for sure, but unfortunately I need more. I liked the ganger approach to these characters but I'd love some cooky clownish turn in their next movie.

About the piece: I purposely made Joker the dominant figure, because let's be real, he's always been the leader in this dynamic. I absolutely i hated Amanda Waller saying Harley is as crazy as Joker in SS, sorry but not. Also I decided to portray Joker with Harley's signature mallet in order to convey his full control/influence over her life and decisions. To extend i guess my subconscious idea was to portray Harley Quinn as follower and not equal to Joker's madness, and jet slightly hint that's definitely someone not to mess with. #bathuntingdays 

Currently I'm working on some neat Geralt of Rivia and Rhaegar Targaryen character design so stay tuned. After these two are done I'm gonna go back to Gotham and probably do a Batman or Gotham City Sirens artwork (already got the reference packed for this) to go with this series character design series. And to be fair these will be the last for some time, I don't feel particularly inspired with DC these days (it took me 5 months to finish this one lol). Anywayz hope you enjoy it, i don't even know why I write these long-a** descriptions, no one reads them :D 


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Dennis Maznev
Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces
United Kingdom
Hi | Dennis | 24 | Bulgarian | London, UK
Currently working as Art Director
I mainly tend to draw people, mostly digital, for at least 5 years.
I get easily bored with drawings and often I just leave them unfinished but I like to share wips
I don't mind my art being shared as long as I'm credited
So this is basicly, if you are interested in something I always answer notes)
Have a great day and stay creative yo
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Note: I'm open for commissions so if anyone is interested, please send me a note.



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