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People are told
to live Life with as few risks as possible
But is this the right thing to do?
Is it at all possible?
Unknowingly to this world
Risk flows freely
hurting some
ignoring others
the people always feel
this presense of risk
But often choose to ignore it
Why is it the people
choose to cast aside the dangers
of Life from their own life?
Is it better to live oblivious
of what dangers there are
around us?
Maybe it is better to
live in ignorance
It is, however, peculiar
that humans like to do
the most dangerous and hazardous things
Even a small act of love
carries its own amount of risk.
Perhaps that is the role
of mankind
to continue living in this world
under the shadow of Risk
:icondenjou:Denjou 2 1
Love me Once: Part 2
The light blinded Tamara as her eyes fluttered to the first rays of sunshine burst through her window. She blinked several times before she realized where she was. Back in her room, the next day. The night was over and everything she didn't truly understand, but hoped to achieve had all fallen apart. She could vaguely remember the night before, although she didn’t remember much of it after running away from Kit and Brent. Kit's strange actions had left her confused as ever. Now, not only was she a complete fool, she was a confused one too.
How odd, she thought. She didn't usually act this way. But, she supposed that's how people in love act.
She sat up and stretched her arms. As she brought them down, they came onto a piece of paper. Knowing who it was from she quickly read through it.
Tamara, call my cell when you wake up. Kit
Frowning talking to Kit was the last thing she wanted to do, but she walked to a phone and called the memorized number. It only rang once.
:icondenjou:Denjou 2 4
Love me Once: Part 1
Tamara glared menacingly at Kit from across the room. She couldn't stand him; him or his stupid friends. He was too laid back. He always took everything in stride. It's like he never felt out of control passion for anything.
Stupid bastard, she thought. She sighed loudly and narrowed her eyes on Kit. He had always made her feel out of place and just the tiny bit scared of him. He never got mad at a thing she said to him.
Like earlier.
Tamara had been yelling at Kit about how much he had been goofing off, and has fell behind in his studies. She scowled at his impassive face while she calmly told him that he was going to make up all the late work that night before 8 PM. She had waited for him to respond, to tell her off. To shake his head and tell her exactly what he wanted to do that day. She wanted him to tell her that he wanted them to be alone, to go somewhere together. But it didn’t happen. He just smiled at her and turned away without saying anything at all. He went di
:icondenjou:Denjou 4 2
Tragic chill settles
Over sleeping dead bodies
Bare feet amongst them
:icondenjou:Denjou 2 1
Life is about Lust
However you cut it
it's about Lust
Lust for power
lust for social position
lust for Love
When we act on out emotions
we do things we never would have believed possible
We can perform acts of great courage
and acts of vile cowardice
We stand honorable in the face of temptation
or we can betray all out morals in a moment of passion
That's what this is all about
and that's what we're here for
And perhaps
when it is all over
we'll learn a thing or two about ourselves
:icondenjou:Denjou 2 3
Light and Ryuku by Denjou Light and Ryuku :icondenjou:Denjou 11 8
There’s a place I know, deep into the farthest edge of the preservation centre where the woods meet the prairie meet the water. There I feel so surrounded with the elements: the wind across the long grasses, the babble and occasional splash from the creek mixed with the branches (bare in the winter, like skeletal hands and claws – full, over flowing with life in the summer, their leaves moving like so many whispering voices) and the wind running its fingers through the struggling forest growth.
I could, by all means, sit there in a flattened bit of grass near the tiny, and almost
useless, red bridge with no railing and no name, but instead I choose to stand, to try and reach (if only with my eyes) to the rolling, ever-changing heavens. Days before summer storms are the best; the air (already so alive) is electrified with the clashing currents and intensified tenfold by gathering power that you don’t have to try to feel, it is so strong. When I stand there amidst it all I
:icondenjou:Denjou 2 1
Fight Scene
The fortress was crumbling. The magic that had once kept it up was now gone, leaving the castle to fall to the ground on its own accord.
“It’s over Daemon!” Asuri shouted, “Your plan failed. This building is falling apart and will soon be destroyed.”
Daemon started to chuckle. The whole room was shaking as pieces of the ceiling fell down onto the ground. The chuckle grew in intensity before turning into a hysterical laughter. Daemon stopped abruptly and stared down at Asuri.
“This is an interesting turn of events Asuri, but what will you do now? Fight me? Kill me? Don’t be foolish.”
Asuri reached back and grabbed his blade. He swung it around and pointed it straight towards Daemon. A look of surprise filled Daemon’s face for a moment, but then changed to a look of amusement.
“So you really plan to kill me, so be it, but that is not my plan. I will leave this room without a scratch.”
He reached back a grabbed his sword. Artfully he
:icondenjou:Denjou 1 3
I hear a voice
Inside hope and hesitation
Your voice
Calling me
I hear a sound
Inside hope and emptiness
Far away
From the end of the world
The flow of the wind over the earth
Quietly goes around the turning planet
That is about to be cut off by consciousness
Instead of all memories
The light shines on the last memory
As if to reach you
Whom I have yet to see
Look at me
Find me
The me that is divided into you several times
Find me
Sleeping in the darkness
Inside of you
To keep living
Today and tomorrow and forever
Even if everything is destroyed
I will look for you
Today and tomorrow and even the future
Even if I close my eyes
I will look for you
I will look for you
:icondenjou:Denjou 2 5
Me as an Anime by Denjou Me as an Anime :icondenjou:Denjou 0 5
We are a race of beings
that is held back by fear
We go to a cliff
and stand on the edge
not willing to step out into the sky
We fear the unknown
and lash out against all who defy our daily flow
But isn't this contradicting
to our way of Life?
Mankind's ultimate motive is to continue living
however don't we also strive
to improve our way of Life?
Would this not make us hypocrites?
we still continue to stand on the cliff's edge
too fearful to step out into the sky
At the same time
we envy the flower on the cliff
that is closer to the sky then us
:icondenjou:Denjou 1 5
True Sight
We believe
that what we can see with our eyes
is true
Form our eyes
we could obviously see
that the sun revolved around the Earth
and from that we concluded
that the universe revolved around our planet
making us the superior beings
It's truly amazing
how proud our race is
And when someone claims
that the Earth revolves around the Sun
and challenges Man's Superiority
we respond
by silencing this opposition
only realizing later her was correct
and we were wrong
From our eyes
we knew that the Earth was flat
and if one was not careful
would sail right off world's edge
and fall into oblivion
After years of ignorance
this illusion was proven false
and the completely foolish idea
of the Earth being round
was in fact true
and once again the Superiority of Mankind
is brought down
And here we are again
in our generation claiming
that all mysteries in this world
are solved or explained
What are the odds
that we live in exactly
the window of human existence
when all major optical illusions
have be
:icondenjou:Denjou 0 4
In this world
there lies a curse
for all Good that strives in this world
there is still evil to oppose it
even with all the laws that give this world Order
there is still Chaos among us
while we live in a time of Peace
we also live in a time of War
when someone is Birthed and begins to live in this world
someone at the same time Dies and leaves this world
anytime something is Created for better or for worse
something is Destroyed for better of for worse
if someone has Freedom
they also are Imprisoned, knowingly or not
with Salvation
there is Damnation
and when there is a Light
there is also a Shadow
that is our curse
for every Yes, a No
:icondenjou:Denjou 1 1
It's true
my Life is just starting to get interesting
I am still young
and Life is still new to me
But I will live out my Life
I plan to take the first step
of a million miles
I am ready to swim out in the murky waters
of the river called Fate
And when I come to a choice
and the path forks ahead of me
I will make my decision
and follow my path of towards the setting sun
My dream is to die thinking
Wow...that was fun
I'm tired
:icondenjou:Denjou 0 2
We are
We are loving
We are caring
We are doubtful
We are cautious
We are proud
We are confident
We are spiteful
We are vengeful
We are resilient
We are everlasting
We are treacherous
We are untrustworthy
We are amorphous
We are free
We are greedy
We are human
:icondenjou:Denjou 0 6
When in this river
I find myself just floating along
But I ask myself
What now
Where shall I go
What can I do
If I wished
I could turn around
and paddle against the river
go against the flow
never accepting the norm
but instead doing the complete opposite
purposely going against the world
as a sign of rebellion
but I know
that the nail that sticks out the furthest
gets hammered the hardest
going against the flow
will make me that nail
I could angle off the river
go a little against the flow
and also a little with it
accepting some
rejecting some
But this choice will have hardships
going with the flow is easy
as is going against it
they are both set directions
but trying to do both could
have me lose myself
unsure of which I belong to
where to fit in
This path could have me lose my sense of direction
my identity
When the river forks
the choice of which way to go
will arise
there might be a lot of time to choose
or none at all
whatever what I choose
my decision is final
and I would not b
:icondenjou:Denjou 0 2

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Life...I've seen better
United States
Favourite genre of music: about everything...particularaly like rock, techno, and piano
Operating System: Windows Vista
Wallpaper of choice: anime
Personal Quote: Me? Narcisstic? I'm too perfect to be narcisstic!
Well...apparently I am still alive, despite my lack of updates. However, if I stand by my belief that living and Life is essential experience, then I am dead because I have none in memory. Oh well...

I might as well continue my fun filled journals of fun and adventure. It is the night before Halloween where I am...and since I live on a campus, I can hear the screams of all the parties and drunk people in my building. Ah yes...I am no longer on campus. I now live in an apartment some distance away from the campus. It is cheap-ish. More on that later.

I am in my third semester in college. I still am still attempting to get into the college of engineering. Don't ask why, I don't even know anymore. However, I am continuing my studies in Japanese, which actually is very enjoyable. While it took some time, I am now actually starting to speak and understand others proficiently. It feels nice. I hope to finish up a Spanish major in the next 2 years, so that will be 2 solid languages under my belt. If things go well, I will start Arabic next year. Also, I am taking fencing and am very much loving it. Fencing is a great sport and is so much fun! I have my own blade and outfit and am actually rather good at least relative to my class.

Now for my other classes...not that great. Physics I am doing shitty in. I had to drop of physics last semester because I was going to fail it, and here the chances of me failing it again are extremely high. The problem is I can't drop it due to the fact that it would put me below my minimum credit load. sucks. Though I am confused on how I can understand Linear Algebra better than basic physics...

Ah yes. I am also taking Linear Algebra and other advanced math classes. While the classes are rather simple to me and I actually take much enjoyment from them, I have fallen behind due to the fact of not attending lectures. This week and upcoming week is me trying to catch up. Fun...

I just noticed that my first journal was the day after Halloween. I found it amusing that I am now writing the day before Halloween. Huh...

Anyways...what else is there in my Life? I did attend Geek Kon last week. It surprised me in that it actually kicked ass. I had tons of fun hanging out with people and just joking around. It would have been nice to exchange a few numbers or make some actual friends, but I gave on that years ago.

Also at the Geekkon, I entered Steam Century! I have recently gotten in Steam Punk! For those who do not know, Steam Punk is a genre that is like the old victorian days, but with more goth and punk edge in it. Think "The Time Traveler" by H.G. Wells. That is a rather solid example. You could always search DA for it. Anyway, I decided to go the more businessman look. I have a gray tailcoat and a gray vest. There is a purple sash like thing on my nech and I have purple glasses on. My hair is slicked back and I have a cane. I make an awesome villainous steam punk persona. My persona's name is Sire Alexander Luthern Black.

Yeah...Geek Kon was a great outing. I do believe I will be going to Daishocon this year. I have managed to find a ride and cheap lodging, so I will attend in a few weeks. It is rather close...isn't it? I will dress up again most likely.

I need a job. I am currently unemployed and the jobs around here don't seem to want to hire me, despite the applications I give them. I can last a few more months, but things are looking down. Next year, I am hoping to be a House Fellow for a dorm. Essentially it is a student in charge of a floor for student activities and fun as well as laying down the law for underage drinking. While I am not a total fan of people (in the sense that I hate people...), I think I can put it aside for some cash. If I do get the job, I get free housing, a huge food stipend, more cash to spend, and more. Of course, it is a ton of work...but I think I will do it to put some things on my resume.

I suppose this could be a moment for me to bitch about my roommates. I really don't want to, but I need to vent somewhere. To be honest, I chose to live here because the rent is dirt cheap, not out of friendliness (Although that may be why it was offered to me...). I only knew to older brother. When I moved in, I met the younger one. I never liked to older brother in the first place. Before, when I was beginning to think about how we were friends, well that was thrown out after I learned about him being a complete dumbass. Remember that I am not talking about his intelligence, but his personality and being and common sense. Mostly his common sense. I do believe that I spoke of how he wanted to pay a friend of his though college. This was before I realized that he isn't paying a damn thing. Since living here, I found out that their mother is still paying the rent for the two as well as other bills they have to deal with! This is fucking ridiculous! They are both 20 years or older and their mother is still involved in their financial life! The apartment is under her name! THe internet is under her name! The utilities as well! It is fucking pathetic.

And it just pisses me all off to all hell to see how pathetic these people actually are! Now there is nothing wrong with asking a parent for help, I love my mother to death and am definetly a mama's boy. But these fucks are essentially still living under their mothers tit! When I was trying to find out how I was to pay my portion of the rent, I found out the mother was paying the entire thing and I would have to pay her!!! This was not what I wanted! I was paying the apartment complex for the room because it belonged to them, not fucking her! I do not want her to pay for the entire thing and we compensate her back! We are adults and we will pay our own fucking bills! And it gets better! Oh gets better! After my initial shock of me paying her, she said I should just pay her sons the rent money so it could be used for groceries and stuff. From my understanding, I thought my portion would be going for groceries for the people in the apartment it was paid for. Which I thought was alright. Apparently that is not the case. Instead, the money is being pocketed by the fucking sons for whatever the hell they want and I still have to buy groceries out of my own pocket after giving them a check for some godly amount of money! Fuck me! I don't have a job, I can't afford this! They do have a job and they bring tons of food back from home because THEIR MOTHER IS STILL BUYING THEM GROCERIES!!!!! God dammit!

It just pisses me off to all hell. There is more, oh god...The icing on the cake before I rant about their so called intelligence, the cherry on top! The apartment I am in has one bedroom. It also has a large living room which was split up to two bedrooms. Now, I would have preferred to have the single bedroom since they are brothers and can put up with each other. Instead I stood down because I was essentially 3rd wheel and I didn't want to look too much like the pushy ass I am; thus I backed down and didn't bitch about sharing rooms. I figured my cost for rent would be lower due to the one brother having the single would pay a higher rent. Well...this was not the case. When speaking to mother (Yes, the mother. I couldn't even talk to the fucking inhabitants because they had no fucking idea. I had to go to their mother to get answers!) she refused to understand or acknowledge my reasoning for me to pay less rent. Now I am a cheap, but only when reasonable. My reasoning was since the younger brother had a single, he should pay more than the other two inhabitants because of that, but a good 50-60 bucks more per month. This would in turn make me pay less per month. Simple logic and I thought it made sense. No...she wouldn't even consider it. I got a whole 10 dollars off my rent bill TO HER because I have to share a room. She refused to understand that the younger brother should pay more for his single. Fuck...I hate people. Now, they did supply me with some furniture, which is nice. I dresser and a desk. I appreciate it. I was going to bring my own down here, but since they offered, I accepted. I also offered compensation, but she refused to take any. I figured it was good. Later, when I wanted the younger brother to pay more, she threw in my face the furniture they so generously lent me (despite me wanting to pay them back and me not even needing it since I was going to bring my own furniture down otherwise). The older brother tried to throw this in my face when he was telling me about how I should put more money in groceries. I believe that was a moment I let the mask slip and I showed my pissed off attitude at him when I told him to shut the fuck up about matters that (literally) doesn't concern him.

And the brothers themselves! Fucking a! The older one has just no common sense at all. He cannot see the importance of the dollar and just expects things to go his way. One day he came back in a very bad mood. He almost lost his job because he wasn't telling his boss what he was doing in the lab (I believe he works for a professor) and thus the professor believed him to be slacking. My roommate made it very clear to me that this was the professor's fault for this reason and the many *advanced* classes he was taking for another fault. Never once did he realize it was HIS fucking fault for almost losing his job and it will happen again due to the fact that he is a complete moron! On top of that, in the apartment he has many shitty quirks. I now have to hide my powdered drinks due to the fact that he drinks all the juice constantly. Whenever someone makes food or orders pizza or whatever, he expects a share, despite never cooking. He only lives on peanut butter on toast, pickles, and ramen. And for some odd reason, he never wears pants in the apartment. Now I go around shirtless, and I am not homophobic in any way, but this guy is rather ugly (he hasn't shaved or gotten a haircut for what seems like 3 years now. I have no fucking idea why he is sporting the hippie looks especially since it looks like shit on him) and there is always something unnerving when he looks over my shoulder really close to me in only underwear and a shirt.

The younger brother is in fact a few months older than me, but is essentially a spoiled little shit. He constantly argues with his older brother, always acts childish, throws tantrums,constantly needs attention (FUCK!), refuses to game with the us seriously, and just goes ahead to break rules because he can. He drinks constantly underaged and does alot of drugs. Now, I am not against any kind of drugs except those that kill on first try. Weed, dxm, salvia, alcohol I am not against and occasionally use myself especially the latter three. However, the amount this kid takes is obscene, especially when he tells us that it is safe still. he is an ignorant little shit that knows nothing about the real world. He bitches about a bad teacher alot. I tell him to shut the fuck up and deal with it because there will be alot of shitty people in life. he refuses to listen and is looking into dropping the class. He also has no experience in anything. Sure he does drugs...but talking to people? Nothing! He can't hold up small talk if his life depended on it. What is it with me attracting socially inept fucks? First Jack, then Auri, then these guys! Damn it to hell! Also, the younger brother went to geekkon as well. After the weekend, we I was relaxing in my chair when the kid came and started to tell me about his little makeout session with someone. The little fuck wanted to kiss and tell! I promptly dropped my little mask and told him to shut the fuck up and never do that again, because I absolutely hate those who kiss and tell. Little attention whores...That wasn't even his worst moment! When I got back after going home for the weekend, he offered to meet up with me since he was near where I was as I walked back to the apartment. I said fine. 3 minutes later he showed up without a shirt or jacket. The little bastard was outside in 30 degree weather with only shoes and pants and a cigar. I promptly told him he was a complete retard and ignored him for the most part on my way back to my apartment. To top things off, he got sick the next day with a cold, and when I warned him about streaking in the winter, he had the nerve to say it wasn't him going shirtless and jacketless in the cold weather the previous day! Little shit...Even better, some weeks ago he was stopped by this bum that seemed to want to sell him drugs. Now again, I am not against drugs, but some intelligence in the brain would tell you not to buy drugs on A MAIN FUCKING ROAD IN THE OPEN!!!!! Nope, the kid decided to talk to the bum. I walked away, telling him to call me later when he was done. 45 minutes later we met up again. Apparently the bum was going to refer him to the actual drug dealer...but he couldn't find him. So no drug for money exchange. I found out though, that he actually gave the bum 50 dollars!!! When I started to scold him, he claimed he didn't mind and it gave him the connections he wanted. Is he fucking retarded!!! First that shows he has no appreciation for money and 2nd, the bum was just conning him!!! The stupid little fuck.


I feel a bit better. I really needed to vent a bit, and I don't have a Fight club I can go to beat the shit of someone; thus, this journal is good enough. It is a nice cushion to scream into. I frankly do not care if it is read. Just writing it is good enough.

Anyway, I am off. I will be at Daisho con in a few weeks and Nobrandcon next april. Cheers to those who actually read this.
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