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December 20, 2020
Baba Yaga's house by DenisZhbankov
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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Baba Yaga's house


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Hello! Sorry to bother you, I have a YouTube channel and I make some videos about legends ... In one of them I will talk about this legend and I would like to have some images about it and I found your drawing interesting since I need something like that. Could I use it for my video? Of course I would leave credits to you. thanks for your time

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Hello, no problem

could you tell me something about baba yaga,I have seen this word in a game and guess it comes from folklore.

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This is an old witch from Slavic folklore. She is pretty creepy. She has a house, this house can walk. And she eats lost people, especially children.

I see, thank you very much。the creature's figure in the game is just a witch with a cauldron.

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oouuvvv I love this light!

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You need therapy, and i need more of your art

Baba Yaga's house got tired of being called Chicken Legs and did Leg Day. Overall, fucking awesome works.

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Extraordinary amd prestigious, well done

What is that?!? Oh, it's home ownership.

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This is what happens to your house when you forget to pay the mortgage!
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hey check out my deviant art i a siganightwing

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This is brilliant!!
And terrifying too
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It reminds me of the monster house. It looks great

fanttastically frightening!

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That looks really awesome mate. Well drawn.

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