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Industrial Loft 2

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Wow... this is really amazing and you can barely tell it's not real. I think maybe the stiffness of the bedding is the only thing that gives it away for me, but this is goddamned beautiful. 

Now as a preference thing, I have never liked that style of wood flooring, but even with it... phew, beautiful work. 
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Can you make an architectural plan for this? Can I buy this design?Let me know please, I'll pay pal you 
LoundryDollsHat's avatar
awesome , I love this!!!!!!Heart free avatar 
love-TheBeatles's avatar
t-t-this is MY HOUSE FROM NOW ON!!!!!!!!!
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Andrian91's avatar
I really love this one !!! i want a house like this ...right!!La la la la :happybounce: Woohooooo!  

Great work! :)
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i would love to live there *_*
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i love it, but the placement of the television is very impractical, having to turn sideways to see it,
NicolaiEfimov's avatar
very interesting and functional interior. I see the picture of Zdislav Beksinski on the wall) very nice. Like it!
tomytieneblas74's avatar
My future Bachelor pad :D !
LostWithAShotgun's avatar
This is great! I thought it was a photo, then I looked, and it was a 3D picture and I was like WHUT IS THIS SORCERY?! It's awesome! Love it :3
kevindouglas3d's avatar
awesome work!! just about perfectly paints my dream house! Love the walls, great lighting. Clap 
Novembr's avatar
my dream room.. beautiful work
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okamiammaterasu's avatar
WOW! that blanket look so natural..
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Fantastic...thank you for sharing, this is really good. Texturing and lighting are, keep up the good work!
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