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Spider-Man Steampunk Re-Design

After the Batman Rockabilly serie,
after the Avengers Fantasy,
here is my new re-design
"Spider-man Steampunk"

soon I'll show you the villains too..
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I think it was kind of inspired by the Western Spidey design in Ultimate Spider-Man when peter and miles meet western spidey.

The TRUE World's Finest
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DUUUUUDE!!! YOU'RE THE ARTIST WHO DREW THIS!?!?! :la::la::la::la::la::la::la:

I'm glad I found you! :D I saw this on Pinterest SO long ago but I don't know if you were credited...
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A steampunk Marvel universe would be awesome.
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I would like to see an MCU version of this character
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Hey there! Found this art and thought it was pretty awesome. Can I do a cosplay of this? I really like the design and wanted to see if I could get permission from you to do so.
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I love it, great work!!
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If there wasn't already a steampunk universe in Marvel I would recommend you showing them this. Nice art style and job.
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Very retro very cool! 
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Neat interpretation, of course Lady Spider is much cooler!
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uncle benjamin:"with sterling amounts of power comes equally sterling or more sterling amounts of responsability"

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Pure 100% Awesome
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Aadasdffsas! i love the steampunk!
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Awesome. love steam punk. great pic 
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I would have done a few things just a bit differently but it's still a fine redesign all in all. 
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Ok, gonna see if I can do this as a costume! Thanks again for the inspiration!
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dude, this is amazing, but i think it would be better if you cover peters whole head, yknow.
 But thats just me :)
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That's what I was thinking.
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This is super cool. Bravo! Awesome work. I just missed a MJ steampunk version. That would be amazing!
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amazing redesign... very creative....
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Holy cow! I LOVE this! My favorite awkward hero in my favorite style. I didn't notice the stitches blown-out knees on his pants until just now. They're a very nice touch.
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