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STAR WARS 80s High School Re-Design - Gallery

By DenisM79
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PristichampsusProfessional General Artist
I honestly wish I had been a teenager in the 80's. I was born in 1984 and experienced enough of the 80's to get a liking for it, but nothing beyond that.
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AlexandraAlexStudent Filmographer
that blonde guy beside vader reminds me of young william zabka from karate kid! :D
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If this became an actual movie Id be all over it
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che bello il tuo disegno ! mi piacerei metterlo sul mio facebook, è possibile per favore ? 
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Only one question left, then:

How in the name of the Force would the plot of Star Wars translate to high school?
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Anakin and Padmé had twins, but had to give them up since they were in high school and couldn't take care of them.

By pure coincidence, both Luke and Leia happened to be in the same high school Anakin is teaching.

Leia found some information on Principal Tarquin being corrupt but got into trouble. Luke and friends manage to save the day.

Luke falls behind on studies so he starts taking lessons with Yoda to help his grade. He finds out Anakin is his dad. Freaks out naturally.

Jabba is some gang that Han got into trouble with. Luke and friends save him.

Anakin's fallen on hard times because he listened to Palpatine who's an asshole. Luke helps Anakin out and convinces him to get Palpatine off his back.

That ok?
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Ah, I remember seeing these a long time ago.

So in this iteration, is Vader still Luke's dad or like...his brother or...?
I mean, I guess it really doesn't matter, it's just for fun. But I guess I can't help but be curious. :D
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killb94Student Filmographer
He is Luke's father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.
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tomkou4Hobbyist Digital Artist
Han Soooolo! Oh my god :D It's amazing!
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Ethala1000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my god, this is amazing!
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Darth, Boba, and the troopers as bikers...nice!
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LookBacktoFourHobbyist General Artist
Very good indeed.
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bluedream22Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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This is excellent.  Simply excellent.
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FoxMcCoyStudent Digital Artist
Great work! I love Vader's biker gang
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Thesteampunker101Hobbyist Artist
Ha, my childhood has been ruined .-.
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Ahhh! I love your artwork so much! And the concept is just so freaking cool~ I wanna see this as the next Star Wars movie!
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AndresCuccaroHobbyist General Artist
Simply genius! You are amazing. Thanks for this! :)
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vexen-the-catHobbyist General Artist
This is awesome!!!
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I dig this... vigorously.
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Han really shouldn't have a mullet.
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HaH! I LOVE it! Vader looks ready to sweep the leg! :)
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