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Jessica Fletcher

By DenisM79
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R.I.P. William Link.

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I loved this show. Loved, loved, loved this show. It was so comforting.

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Cool. Really a great show.
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Congrats on your DD. Well done. One of my favorite TV characters ...
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Wonderful work! :)!!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD! :clap:!!!

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Ahhhh dudeee I grew up watching the reruns of Murder She Wrote. I have the whole series on DVD in a package and I love taking it around with me. 
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This is awesome! What makes it even better as that I'm watching Murder She Wrote rigjt now 😂
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Marvelous work !!!
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Ah the memories...yeah we never knew if she was an amateur sleuth or a professional hitma. ;) Nevertheless, great pic.
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My great aunt never missed an episode, even when babysitting me,, and I often half watched while playing.
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World's most devious serial killer
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Murder She Wrote?

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She a detective? Or a muder mystery writer?
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Or a skilled assassin, able to carry out her "hit" and then ensure that someone else is blamed by getting involved in the investigation and steering it towards some other poor patsy.

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