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Batman Rockabilly - sketches

By DenisM79
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this is something I've made for fun

a 50's Rockabilly version of Batman

with a Batmobile in a HotRod version...
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Please do a Green Lantern sort of comic set in this era, but the Lanterns are policemen and the "bad" corps are gangsters or criminal syndicates. Thanks!
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The Batrod is Gorgeous Dude
And Bruce Looks Tuff in BOTH of His Personas
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....Let's just stick with Batmobile, Batrod sounds a bit too sexual 
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Great concept idea! Love to see this as an actual comic!
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That's an interesting take on Batman!  He's a cool dude!
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These are bloody ace. I love it.
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You know his day job as a mechanic would help explain some of the injuries Batman would pick up from his night work....
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Cut up hand or arm? "Engine turned over while I was working on it." Busted ribs? "I was working on the undercarriage of Commissioner Gordon's personal car, when the jack I had been using to hold it up broke."
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Now this is what I call awesome!
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I can so see Batman made into a version of this. It gives it that realistic concept that could happen today. Btw, do you use references for this style, and if so would you mind telling me where? I would so love to draw something like this!
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It's like we've gone through time
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This definitely should be a graphic novel... it's AMAZING.
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In Love with the Batmobile!
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LOVE IT. Glad it spawned such a great series!
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Maybe make the fin smaller, but awesome nonetheless.
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It's AWESOME! Now that's a Batman I'd like to watch as a animated series or a movie! Damn, I'm getting sad that it's only a concept, this Batman would be even more badass than he already is and definitely a better idea than the whole caveman Batman extravaganza the came up with.
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Amazing work!!
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