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Batman Rockabilly - Costume by joshspiderman238

isn't damn cool?!

costume made by joshspiderman238 :

here the w.i.p. :

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Wicked costumery!
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smexy! i want one for my boyfriend<33
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I just fell in love with Batman all over again!!
FreakyLatina's avatar
Hmmm..... Actually quite hot..... harrr ;)
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amazing costume joshspiderman238 has made and great modelling of it by you.
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:la: this is perfect!
ZombieisOK's avatar
*____* Perfect realization of this design!
Well done, sir!
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That IS damn cool!
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I agree this is so cool !
QuantumCrab's avatar
That is pretty bad ass. Lose the beard and you're in business.
The-Rogue-Scarecrow's avatar
Sick! as in good SICK! Original and well executed costume! Now you just need a Bat Rat Rod, or an Old Skool Panhead Harley! :D Rock'n Roll Sir!:la:
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KFJDSZLGJLfdsiugop this is so cool omfg
Muahaha this is awesome. :D
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lose the goatie for a 5 o'clock shadow, rip the jeans up some, and cover your ears with the helment
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That's a getup I could wear...if I wasn't getting shot in the chest. What? No body armor?
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You look fantastic! A great concept!
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