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AVENGERS Fantasy Re-design 1

after Batman Universe in 50's Rockabilly style

here is the Avengers in Heroic-Fantasy look

Captain America + Thor + Ironman

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Awesome ! So a Knight a Viking and a Samurai right ?? xD

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this is some For Honor level stuff
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Imagining Tony's Iron Man suit being powered by oil and steam is one of the coolest mental images ever good lord
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Outstanding! :D
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I could see Tony being a mage in this setting
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Love the use of Simonson's armor from the comics!
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Thor ya dont even really have to change which is essy
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this is brilliant. And the fact that the American symbolism on Cap's armor is anachronistic is a good thing - there's something a little poetic and defiant about the tensiion that's set up there, In a world where no one's ever heard of the US, Captain America still fights for justice...
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So cap is an American knight?
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I love the knightly style that you gave to the heroes of my childhood.
I really love the Iron Man one. Oops! 
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OMG Tony Stark's armour looks soooo sweeet!! 
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I would so read this comic. 
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so cool.will be more of this? :)
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So... Thor pretty much just showed up for this pic?

Love every thing about it.  That Americana shield back there is fun to look at.
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as a big fan of iron man I think I might have to adapt this style into a custom action figure one day...  that's just too cool.  
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again if you ever did your own mini series in this style i'd be there in a heart beat to read it
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This looks so cool !
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Never get tired of looking at this.
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Love the Iron man look!
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