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April 3, 2008
A person gets commended for many things in life, usually artwork, but sometimes the artwork crosses the line and brings forth the social issues of today's society. Denis is a man who should be commended for bringing to attention the issues such as genocide and homelessness. In his work no detail is accidental, and usually he goes through great lengths to get to know his subjects, their story and bring it to life through his paintings. Vortex of Despair by `Denis-Peterson is a work where no detail is accidental, everything is meticulously planned and executed. It is a work of many contrasts primarily of ones of social kind. It is a work that makes us have good hard look at ourselves, and evaluate ourselves whilst being faced by the subject, which makes us wonder which is real, the illusion of wealth of society we live in, or hitting the rock bottom.
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Vortex of Despair

Acrylic on stretched canvas
3.5'x5.5' (Panel 1 of diptych)

I met the subject of this painting in NYC and after a brief discussion, obtained his cooperation to stand back against the marble wall for a photo.

As I took the shot, he quickly pulled the bottle out of a bag and flashed it for me. The girl was unaware any of this was going on and helped to make it a complete composition of ironic anomalies. My original shot had him from head to foot, including his plastic wrappings, and I am looking to add a second 3 1/2'x5 1/2' panel depicting that down the road.

Not yet varnished, which should bring out the darks much more vividly. This piece presented a number of disparate challenges to paint.

The lighting is from several sources, and the window reflections posed additional stumbling blocks to overcome. Aside from interior and exterior figures, it is perhaps the most complex piece I have done with various surface textures: newspapers, glass, chrome, plastics, marble, granite, cloth, stone, metals, etc. multiple perspectives, reflections, lighting sources, depths of field, all in one composition.

Interestingly, my son has seen this fellow near where he works in the city and my daughter had photographed him twelve years ago, vividly recalling his distinctive garb and dark makeup.

Another tribute to humanity for The Wall series, and perhaps a lighter side to it as well.

Chris Rywalt, NYC Art – Show Review and Interview

“Maybe we need people who can remind us what being human is all about, its best and its worst. Denis Peterson may not want to be one of those people. But then he may not have a choice."
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Apr 29, 2006, 12:00:11 AM
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Siolan's avatar
Twelve years ago? Still alive? Seriously?...
Denis-Peterson's avatar
Saw him recently, and doing well .. thankfully
Siolan's avatar
Ow man, I cannot begin to understand how it can be, well...
KaiSchuebeck's avatar
Wow ! Another great piece of your art.
The texture of the wall is awsome. Even the crushed paper the guy is wrapped in makes me speechless.
Denis-Peterson's avatar
Thanks Kai, there was a lot to work with here, .. happily, it all worked out.
WinnerTown's avatar
call do you tell me about your drawing by ballpoint pens?
Denis-Peterson's avatar
Ballpoint pens? I don't use them, sorry.
BOTASU-Orichumo's avatar
a little question, you still own the painting or it is on a private collection?
Denis-Peterson's avatar
Vortex has never been offered for sale and remains in artist collection.
elyesman's avatar
WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WHAT ???  this is a painting you did along the others???? OMG i didn't even notice until i read this description  too awsome, no wait awesome is not enough, omg really,  dude you must not stop :O
Denis-Peterson's avatar
Thanks very much, glad to hear you like it!
azatyeman's avatar
BluSwam's avatar
Beautifull artwork Denis, love your work.
Denis-Peterson's avatar
Thank you very much Zabier, I appreciate it.
gladly's avatar
The girl on the right really completes this photo.
Denis-Peterson's avatar
It's a painting {albeit, of a photo I took} And thanks, agreed, she was there at just the right time.
fractalhead's avatar
as always...marvellous work
Denis-Peterson's avatar
as always...thanks much
fractalhead's avatar
ARTcoll8TOR's avatar
Seriously are you the real Denis Peterson?????
Denis-Peterson's avatar
Could be, but if I told you, you wouldn't believe it anyway! :dygel:
Fantastic work...Always a pleasure to view! Just wondering if you project your images, grid, or use another technique to get the hyper-real product?
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