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NFL PrimeTime Music Pack For Tekken 7 Jukebox Tool

By DeNice1776
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Minor Update (11/15/20): Adjusted tracks #4 and #8 to remove static, and placed in an extended version of track #9 "Arnold"

"(S)HE COULD.  GO.  ALL.  THE.  WAY...!"
Something I decided to do for the hilarity of it all.  It's still American football season so here's a T7 Jukebox set incasing songs from ESPN's long-running NFL Highlights show (starring Chris Berman, Tom Jackson & Booger McFarland).  Hey, why not have some actual sports to go within your eSports...?  Anyways, it was difficult upping the volume of most tracks without having the quality take a massive hit or getting unwanted static (still a rookie at this type of content), but I tried my best.  I'll probably update it sometime later if I can squeeze out a bit more volume.  Also, no looping just yet... and note that certain songs don't have titles, as these songs were never officially released to the public but could be found on Youtube luckily.  That being said, I filled in the blanks as much as possible.  Now, if only someone could come up with a Chris Berman announcer mod... lol

Instructions for use (taken from the Tekken Revolution instructions in Nexusmods):

1. Download the .RAR file and drag the "NFL PrimeTime" folder into your T7Jukebox's "BGM" folder.
2. Open "T7Jukebox.exe", and you should see "NFL PrimeTime" available to your right side.
3. Select which music will be used on which stage.
4. When finished, click "Generate.pak", where a "Jukebox_P.pak" file is created in the same directory as T7Jukebox.exe
5. Drag "Jukebox_P.pak" to your "TEKKEN 7/TekkenGame/Content/Paks/~mods" directory (found in "Steam/commonapps" folder)
6. Launch the game & enjoy.

Note: Season 4 technically broke the T7Jukebox .pak creator but the Modding Zaibatsu discord does have an unofficial hotfix for it under it's "Movesets and Tools" tab for the meantime "Discord user credit: Gneiss"

Quick In-Game Preview Video (showcasing 4 songs from the pack):

Note 2: You can refer to this YT playlist to hear the songs (tracks 1-19 are in order, tracks 20-24 go by their names):…

Note 3: There may still be a couple of instances of unwanted static due to upping the db levels of these songs.  If any more are noticed, I'll try to adjust and quick update ASAP.

Songs included:
01 International Statement
02 Powersurge
03 Gladiator
04 Unknown (Halftime theme of NFL2K5)
05 Unknown Highlight Theme 1
06 Unknown Highlight Theme 2
07 Eric D
08 Unknown (Main Theme of NFL2K5)
09 Arnold
10 Grid Lock
11 The Event
12 Road Hog
13 Power Cutter
14 Neck and Neck
15 Crush
16 Unknown Highlight Theme 3
17 Leading Edge
18 Bad Company
19 '94-'97 NFL PrimeTime Opening
20 Out Front
21 Power Plant
22 Powerhouse
23 Theighs Mon
24 Total News
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where is the update? I tried to download this but Season 4 broke the Jukebox

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The hotfix can be found in the Modding Zaibatsu discord. I wrote that info in the description.

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Damn Primetime Song 12 slaps

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You are awesome for this idea! Can't wait to install, the 4 previews were great, thanx for the showcase. This sdtk is going to take my rank matches to another level lol.