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I am so glad I'm out of school. Cause I hated it when teachers did stuff like that. XD; Not that I ever screamed. o.o; Er. *whistles* Loudly. *cough*

Kurt is such a bastard. XD; He's all 'Bitch, don't talk to me," in the first one and poor, poor Todd. XP; But I had fun drawin' their faces. Yay for Steve Gordon's handy site. Kurt's nose is evil. @.@;
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The-Crystal-Dragon12's avatar
Why does Kurt's face in the last panel remind me of Kuzco?? XD
FandomTrash124's avatar
My teacher still does this..
GamzeenMakaral's avatar
I love how they just laugh off his girly scream because it's fucking road and he's the cutest little scaredy-cat
mizuzu-sama's avatar
My history teacher had a pair of old fashioned fake hand cuffs, if he caught you sleeping in class, passing notes, not doing homework, or talking when your not souppost to. You'd get cuffed.
spike234070's avatar
that happened to me in tutoring yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! XD my friend was talking to me about something that had to do with teachers being annoying and one walked up right in front of our desk and I was pretending to work while my friend didn't even notice XD I was like *awkward*
Legacy-Lady's avatar
Hahahahaha!!! my one teacher used to scare us with the ruler!!! XD
multifan's avatar
Oh, the cuteness! Love how Todd's pencil flips in the air. Geez, what a dude
lightfaith0606's avatar
Lol, it was always my friends who got the ruler... :lmao:
I admire Todd's composure to just take it and start laughing there at the end.
Happylandfill06's avatar
todd's little "pfft, total fail" face on the last panel is just too freakin' adorable x3
PlushieFan57's avatar
lol I have never seen this happen before. :XD:
vampiresloveyoai's avatar
i loved this it made me lol!
violet-plude's avatar
Lol. Thanks for the giggle. XD
compa16's avatar
i still think todds cute
Yobi-chan's avatar
lol! This is awesome!! xD And so fun! I love their faces and Todd's reaction! xD
SollinFaolan's avatar
lolz gawd im just loving this little comics of yours XD im lolling every time.
TheMorrigansChild's avatar
Yes! That nose is way to freakin hard!
corypot170's avatar
may i ask the link of your site? it may help me greatly! oh and your pics are dah bomb :love:
aoiumikitsune's avatar
I know how Todd feels. :laughing: Especially if he did something similar during the finals, falling asleep, and then screaming at the top of your lungs when the teacher yells at you to wake up. :paranoid: Not like I've ever done anything like that... >.> <.< *coughs*
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