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Considering how many times Tabitha has bombed the heck out of poor Todd, she had it coming. *cackles*
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mizuzu-sama's avatar
In boom booms defense that must have hurt.... Who am i kidding? I hope it did!
sandw1chl0vr's avatar
Aww, he just wanted to read! What's so wrong with that? I hate happy girls.. she definitely had it coming.
worldsfair34's avatar
haha! LOVE Todd's shark tooth necklace thing... I want one. :)
Kissu-Kisshu's avatar
Ahahaha, as much as I love Boom Boom, she so had it coming. XDDD
aoiumikitsune's avatar
:rofl: Looks like Boom-Boom just got a Boob-Boo. :XD: *shot down for bad pun* Karma's a bitch, and that's that. :giggle:
unlabeledpunk's avatar
Wanda's line...epic win right there. I agree with Wanda...and Pietro...why are you so surprised dude?
Hyper-Random's avatar
Revenge for Todd! Yay! Love his outfit!

I love Tabby too. I never understood why people disliked her.By the way, how come those bombs don't do any actual damage to people?
La-Mishi-Mish's avatar
Oh my god, epic win right here XDDD
Cold-Creature's avatar
Ahaha! I just realised Todd was reading Squee! Best comic ever!... well, next to this! Win ^_~
I love it! Well done! Fav'd
EddieSketti's avatar
lol yays! He finally got her back! :D Although apparently it didn't last. Awesome job, as usual! ^_^
TheDarkYinYang's avatar
lol, she deserved it.
GimmeSushi's avatar
Bahahaha~ cleavage bomb. XD That is most excellent. Tabitha kinda irked me the first episode I ever saw her in... but every time I see fanart of her I think of the Venga Boys. "Boom boom boom boom, I want you in my room..."
SilverLynxCat's avatar
Ha ha, this is brilliantly drawn and funny, and I love how you've done Pietro and wanda, Pietro's like "WTF?"
Kuwakasyuske's avatar
Well lets se the number of times i so far have seen her blow him up
1:in the shower
2: on the porclin god
3: Many more times
But the first too. think she could wait until he was done. noooooooo. i tell ya she really likes him. but ohhh well. she was deserving it.
Jaaku-san's avatar
*cackles* The awesome might of JCV writing repels even the strongest explosions. :XD:
AketA's avatar
*squeak* Todd's reading Squee! ^^ Squee's actual name is Todd too. XD Hey if that happened at the beach, I may consider leaving the house for once. XD
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SkysongMA's avatar
Am I like the only Tabby fan out there? Poor lass... hee hee, Todd getting revenge is funny, though.
Sabretooth-Fox's avatar
:rofl: oh that happen to me once exaple the expoletions
Crudity's avatar
You are just incredible XD I love those :D :thumbup:
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