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Chocolate frogs

By Dendraica
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This is why you don't give Wanda chocolate frogs with assorted fillings. O.o; Toad learned the hard way.

Wanda is so mean. Well, then again, she's gotta get back at him *somehow* for breaking into her room, ne? :D

Another contest for Lesli. ^_^ Gee is that all that gets me motivated nowadays? Contests? *faints*
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Wanda, you are one sick woman.
poor todd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I think he should just be grateful all that red all over him is jelly. When I saw this art from far awar, I had thought it had meant he was :Screwed:

Great piece ^_^ Made me grin.
Lovova's avatar
Is Toad holding something in his hand?
Mothy67's avatar
:icondragonlaugh:Love this! :icondragonxd:
Also very funny that he's got some raspberry on his clothes...makes him look like he's a murder witness/victim/murderer :XD:
unlabeledpunk's avatar
Wow...I never thought I'd hear myself saying this to Wanda...but what a jerk! Don't treat my younger brother like that! *charges* (Yeah, that'll get her to stop-) Shut up! Leave me alone or I'll go after you next! (Shutting up now) Anyway...I could actually see this happening...poor little brother!
Bampire's avatar
Awe, poor Toad. xD
Dragon-hobbit101's avatar
hitokiriyoukai's avatar
Gah! Poor Todd... AGAIN!!! He's going to be so traumatized! Though he is cute when he's scared to death.
Dendraica's avatar
meow ;__; *nods*
NatalieKiea's avatar
Oh my... he really just doesn't have any luck now.
Kuwakasyuske's avatar
So what she would do. How much did that cost him or did he make it him self ether way they go splat.
Marimenala's avatar
poor toad... lance is bein a friend and trying to help
go lance!
RMan021's avatar
Awww poor Toddy! Anyway, much coolness! :D
Rocktumblersgirl's avatar
I love this :)

Lance looks great. This could be an episode out of the show.

I love Toad's expression.
Segaia's avatar
:rofl: Love the expressions! Neat pic idea! :D :giggle:

Froggy go splat!
tigtastic's avatar
You are sick.

Marry me?
mike-the-vile's avatar
This looks adorable... and scary for poor Todd. I love it. :D
Rachel1987's avatar

I love Tod's exression and pose. Cracks me up! Very very nice work, chick.

And I love how you draw Lance. He's so cute. ^_^
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