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Amy: "Do.. Do I really have to do it?"

Jessica: "Yes dear, you do. You remember what I said when I took you in last year, right? You know why you have to do this?"

Amy: "Uh huh."

Jessica: "You had nothing before I found you. One more orphan in the city, getting used by people, left behind by the system, but I took you in and I've kept you safe in my group. I take care of my girls, together we don't let anyone walk on us, we rule the streets at night! But for that, you need to play your part, don't you? Now that you're 16, men will want to have you, to do things to that cute little body of yours."

Amy: "Uh huh."

Jessica: "Now, just act like I showed you, like you're a street worker. Let guys approach you, ask them what they want and give them a price, then you bring them to the warehouse. That's where we'll be."

Amy: "What.. What are you doing to do to them?"

Jessica: "Haha! you know what, you were with us at our last raid. We're going to rob them blind, take their phone, cash, everything! That's how I pay for your food, honey. And don't feel bad for these pervs, trust me. If I wasn't there, they would abuse you in ways you cannot even imagine! Especially dressed like that, with those jeans unzipped! These fuckers deserve what we do to them, and they can't say shit because you're underage and they would be in so much trouble. Plus, no guy wants to admit they had a dozen girls give them a beating. This is how the streets work Amy, we take matters in our own hands, we survive. We don't need the system, we have each others, and we're a family for life! Now come on, are you ready? The sun is almost gone, so this is the perfect time."

Amy: "Okay. I'm still pretty scared but I trust you, I know how strong you are, you'll keep me safe."

Jessica: "That's my girl! Now go make me proud!"
vanBlood Featured By Owner May 8, 2018
Very nice
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She's gorgeous!
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