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Take a seat by Dendory Take a seat by Dendory
The note said to meet my contact in the last room of the basement floor, at midnight exactly. The factory floor was dark and empty, and as I took each step with more hesitation, I was pretty sure that this was the right way. Soon enough, light could be seen coming from the last room in this long hallway. However, I froze in the doorway at the sight before me.

Jacqueline: "Ahh.. You must be the one seeking my very particular set of skills. My name is Jacqueline, and this over here is my partner Sarah. I handle logistics and she.. well.. she loves doing the dirty work. Please come in and take a seat."

Taken aback by the sight, I hesitated for a moment. Her tone was friendly, sultry even, and her looks that of a high end escort, completely unlike what I had expected for someone with her reputation. But before I could reply, the other girl sensed my hesitation.

Sarah: "Sit down, maggot."

Her tone was cold and uncaring, and her exposed body gave me chills. She was definitively someone who did not joke around, and I got the sense that she could chop me into little pieces using her bare hands without breaking a sweat. The two made quite a contrasting pair. The one named Jacqueline said that they were partners, but I got the sense that it was more than just business partners. Clearly they worked together, but were they more? Perhaps lovers? A light giggle brought me out of my runaway thoughts.

Jacqueline: "Hehehe. Don't mind my dear Sarah, she can be a bit socially awkward. But please, sit down and tell us what's on your mind. I'm sure we'll all have a very productive talk tonight.."

Gulping, I nodded and slowly sat down.

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vanBlood Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2018
Very nice
Lespion1944 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2018
"Umm, okay, but what is with the chains?"
Dendory Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2018   Digital Artist
That's for if the negotiations fail, of course!
leatherslut1 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2018
Sexy punk ladies
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