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Tina: "Hahaha! I think this beast is a pervert!"

Valerie: "Tsk.. Stop laughing and blast this thing, will you?"

Few normal people know about the type of things that occur late at night. Mages and Fighters, part of a secret society, battle strange looking beasts from other dimensions to keep the streets safe. Tonight, the two lovers responded to a call for help at the city university. Sure enough, it was an escaped beast from a nearby dimension. This is a fairly easy creature, a type they've dealt with multiple times, and Valerie decided that she could end its life in a single attack with her dagger. However, the beast was faster than she thought and clawed through her pants and shirt in a single strike, exposing her chest and sending the Fighter tumbling back to the floor in a humiliating pose. As Valerie's breasts bounced into view, the Mage couldn't help but let out an amused laugh.

Tina: "Why should I help? I think you should let it remove a few more pieces of clothing, then you'll be on equal footing! Who knows, maybe this creature just wants to play with your body for a bit."

Valerie: "I'm not a masochist like you, and I don't enjoy walking around town half naked. Let's just finish this quickly so we can go home."

Using her lowered position, Valerie quickly went back on the offensive and gave the beast some critical strikes without losing any more dignity. Of course, the damage was already done, and she had nothing to cover herself on the way back home as she was forced to walk around town topless. While in view of normal people, they aren't allowed to use their powers, so there's nothing Valerie could do but endure the stares. Fortunately for the proud Fighter, few people saw her this late at night. Once home however, Tina proved to be surprisingly eager in bed. Perhaps the humiliation was worth it for Valerie after all.

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moralevictim Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2018
She's not just a masochist, she's a brat.
leatherslut1 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018
The bloody battered semi naked girl reaches for her knife as the clawed demon reaches for her, her white witch friend using her staff begins to recite a power spell
Dendory Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018   Digital Artist
 That sounds like some more clothing pieces may be coming off! Poor girl!
vanBlood Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018
Very nice
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July 29, 2018
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