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Opposites by Dendory Opposites by Dendory
They say opposites attract. When Sasha began as a freshman at this new school, she wasn't surprised to quickly become the target of bullying by other girls in her class. After all, she was weak, shy and had been a frequent target ever since middle school. But one day at the cafeteria, when a few of her classmates started giving her trouble again, this time something unexpected happened. Jessica, a third year student and renowned for being athletic and her dominant personality, stepped in between the girls and protected the weaker girl. Being scolded by the senior student put a damper on the bullies, and for the first time Sasha had someone to look up to in awe.

A few days and much hesitation later, Sasha decided to break the class barrier and decided to approach her savior. Despite her strong demeanor, or perhaps because of it, Sasha had noticed that Jessica rarely interacted with others and always ate alone during break time. Unsure how she would be received, Sasha went to her table and asked whether she could sit. To her delight, Jessica nodded and the two have been hanging out ever since. In the following days, Sasha learned that Jessica herself used to be timid, weak and bullied, until she met someone who taught her to become strong and not back down in front of trouble. She also learned that her greatest regret had been not keeping in touch with her role model, and that Jessica had been hoping that Sasha would take the first step towards a new friendship. It seemed that while Sasha had been in need of a protector, Jessica had been longing for someone who would be in need of her.

Many months after the incident, the two girls have become good friends. Sasha moved into Jessica's apartment since it was much closer school, and the two spent a lot of time together. Jessica always took care of Sasha and made sure to take the lead when making food, doing household chores and even helping during homework. When they walked to school together, they often held hands and chatted casually about the future. One morning while the two chatted about random topics, Jessica suddenly wrapped her arm around Sasha's shoulders and brought her face closer. The younger girl's eyes went wide as her best friend unexpectedly kissed her. Afterward, Jessica acted cool and had her usual grin on her face, while casually asking whether Sasha had liked the kiss. But Sasha knew Jessica well by now, and despite her usual strong front, she could hear the girl's heart going at full speed. The fact this was the first time Jessica had looked nervous towards her, instead of the other way around, almost shocked Sasha more than the kiss itself. They had such different personalities, yet the two had undeniably become very close. Was it love? After a moment, Sasha leaned her head on her friend's shoulder and nodded, confirming that she felt the same way.

As the two hugged, Sacha couldn't help but think of what would have been if she hadn't taken the first step to go see this girl that seemed like a complete opposite to her on that day...

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