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By dendoona
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I'm loving the ribbon effect, it looks modern, minimalistic and easy on the eyes

I've modernised the original artist alliance design here:…

my main concern with the previous design was that it looked too feminine with the heart, yet too star-wars-like with the mirrored aa initials.

this logo took a couple hours to make.. predominantly because i'm under the weather and had to frequently lay down to recover :(

This logo is designed for the new and upcoming relaunch of The Artist Alliance - or at least how I initially envisioned it to be, complete with a blog, soundcloud and deviantart dynamics
users are now able to apply to post on the blog, as well as taking part in future projects and collaborations.

About The Artist Alliance

By joining us, you hereby accept the awesome alliance power to dominate the creative world!

We hope to provide you with content and inspiration to satisfy your artistic needs and in return we only ask you to return the favour and share your skills so others may benefit likewise.

The artist alliance is a public group for all kinds of artists out there to get advice, share ideas and collaborate with other artists. It serves as a safe haven to discuss anything and everything related to design, inspiration and creativity.

Its not just a group with common interest, its a unity of creative minds that share ideas, help each other and find solutions to make the impossible happen!

links to the artist alliance:………

This artwork is protected under creative commons license, please don't use without my permission!
- Not for commercial use
- No modifications allowed
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