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Mother Teresa in Type

By Dencii
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Edit: October 10 2016
It was just brought to my attention recently that there's much controversies behind Mother Theresa. At the time when I worked on this all I knew about her was from vague memories of what I saw on TV when I was a kid so I have always associated her with compassion. I would like to take this down but some people enjoy it so I'll just leave it for what it is. Maybe I should just get back to making a new one.

After the RickRoll in Type… , back to serious work...
I'd dare say my best one yet. There is more flow and dynamics going on this time. Made in Adobe Illustrator with Bickham Script Pro. Reference pic here:…

I'm dedicating this work to my grandma, "Ina" and aunt, "Tita Juaning" as they are two of the most compassionate people I know. All throughout their lives, they live in poverty but are never too poor to help anyone in need.

Peace and love to everyone.
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Excellent. And as to controversies, they generally boil down to persons who don't agree with her beliefs accusing her of championing them (affirming the salvific value of suffering, rejecting contraception as devaluing human life); which is surely not reason enough to take down this great work.
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Wow..You are a champion of arts.Such an impressive work done.
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The church deified her (making somebody a saint and then ascribing powers to that dead person's soul, is a form of polytheism) and has never deified a Catholic who promoted art
ificial contraception.
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please share the tutorial, 
Do you have it in a better resolution? and how much? thanks!
great work of a very(dare i say horrible person). Care is not an appropriate caption for her.
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Sir I have featured your artwork in my typography collection and hope you will like it . I have diverted link to your profile for big image view .

80 Amazing Examples of Typography Portraits :thumbsup: :dance:
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Loved all your "Type" artworks...This is the best...Keep'em coming...
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You are great!!
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huwao. astig. O_O /fave
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awesome work! :o
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brilliant, as always with this style! I think 'Faith' would be a better title, but I think you may have already used it, i think that because Mother Teresa waited (i think months) for a cease fire so she could save the children she was caring for, and to get them out of the town, come to think of it, Care is also good :)
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Ang Lupet mo talaga! pakiss nga! hehehehe..
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Very well done... congrats!
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