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Mahatma Gandhi in Type

Part 3 of my "In Type" Series.
Part 1 here: [link]
Part 2 here: [link]

Gandhi is India's Father of the Nation who kicked Tyranny's ass, among other things, without violence nor raising a foot. Hey, even Chuck Norris can't do that. I can't say I'm 100% about this piece because most of Gandhi's pics on the Internet aren't high quality. Trust me, I waded through thousands before settling with this one: [link]

Done in Adobe Illustrator with Bickham Script Pro font. Again, my rules are simple: You may download, save, print and share for whatever purpose it may serve you. I only ask that you DO NOT MAKE PROFIT off of my work nor you be a douche and CROP OUT MY NAME and pass it as your own. And please check out my band at if you like Rock/Metal music. :P

Resist Tyranny. Resist Racism. Resist Ignorance.

I think part 4 would be Princess Dianna or Mother Theresa. 'till then! Peace!

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can i downlod this

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Wow...Your an artists legend..Really2x a great work done..
Dear Dencii, 

I'm writing these few lines to you, because I'm working as editor for a non profit organization based in Mexico City that aims to promote social responsibility and sustainability. We currently hold a printed magazine in where we publish all sorts of articles regarding remarkable people, institutions and campaigns that either promoted, are promoting or will encourage our nation to uphold actions geared towards our people's welfare.

For this oncoming period, we will mention Mahatma Gandhi and we are searching for a beautiful illustration entitled to bring an aesthetic backup to our text, and we truly believe that yours will certainly match our article's essence. 

We would be very pleased if you could lend us your illustration, which we would entirely respect in terms of copyright.

Our image standards raise upon a 300 dpi's resolution and a size of 30x30 cms.

This is my e-mail account so you can get back to us if interested:

Thank you so much for reading.

Best and kind regards,

Günther Hasselkus

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Amazing talent and I must say you are generous to share.....
bless you
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How on earth did you do this? This is amazing.
Very sensitive, indeed. Keep up.
How much would you charge me for downloading for commercial use. I'm starting a small entrepreneurship on coffee mug printing.
Reply me at: quetglarsgmail if interested.
Simply amazing! This is truly Inspirational for me!
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I'm glad you liked it :)
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hey dencii.. cn i use this amazing masterpiece for my diploma drama show? we're doing it for class credit.. is it cool wit u?
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i couldn't resist but fav it <3
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this kinda of work is sooo amzing i wish i can do something like this
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You can do it of course! You just have to keep trying! Best of luck :)
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wow ..wonderful work der :)
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Terrific and very talented artwork. This one together with the Martin Luther King and John Lennon make a perfect collection of inspiring artworks.
Many Congrats to you!!!!!!
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Sadly, your picture has been stolen. [link]
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Hi. Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately I cannot view the website. Something about it being down or something. What was the website about? Are they selling my image? If that's the case then grrrr! This is the reason why I stopped making my type works. Take care!
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It is a huge scam. Here is some more info.
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