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Hey people! Yamato Waving Hand Icon  
Welcome to the January giveaway! ^^  
I decided to celebrate this 2018 with you all the months, so let's start with the first giveaway! :D (please read it all)


First place: 150 points Points  +  50% of the final amount of the donation pool La jumping in Points + a mention in my profile page for all this year :promotion: + a llama Llama + my watch  Added to my devWatch! and :+fav:
Second place: 100 points Points  +  30% of the final amount of the donation pool La jumping in Points + a collab with meHi five!  + a llama Llama + my watch  Added to my devWatch! and :+fav:

Third place: 50 points Points  +  20% of the final amount of the donation pool La jumping in Points  + a llama Llama + my watch  Added to my devWatch! and :+fav:

Rules! How do I join?

Arrow left Arrow left Donate only 1 point in my donation pool. This will give you your own number/card. 
Arrow left Arrow left :+fav: Favorite this Journal  and Write a short and simple Journal about this giveaway including a link to it. Writing emoticon  By doing this, more people could join in and the amount of the pool will be bigger. Then, your award will be better ^^ 
Arrow left Arrow left  Optional: If you want to give me a llama I'll give you one back :D They're FREE and I'm collecting them xD 
Arrow left Arrow left  Optional 2: You don't have to do it but if you want to take a look at my gallery or watch me Added to my devWatch! I'll be happy, thanks a lot :heart:   

How are winners announced, and how will I know if I won??

I'll select the winners on my youtube channel this 31st. By Live Youtube. I'll choose 3 cards of my deck of cards and those will be the winners :D
Here you've the video!!! 

EDIT: Winners! Congratulations!!! :hug: 
2 of Hearts Heart from the Poker cards 
Ace of Diamonds Tiny Diamond Animation from the Poker cards 
SunnytheHedgehog 2 of clubs ♣ from the Poker cards

Thanks for participating!! 

SpeedPaint Beerus/Kaio-Shin

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 18, 2017, 8:13 PM

Hey hey people!  Tamako Waving Hand Icon

This time I'm here to share with you my new speedpaint! Hope you like it! ^^ 


Background Image by CorryRox & Social Media Buttons by King-Lulu-Deer

Welcome people! Tamako Waving Hand Icon  How's it going? 
I'm writing this Journal to you because: 
  1. I wanted to say "Hi" and break the ice Ice Age - Worried Scrat Icon naruto gif  Madara  Uchiha 
  2. I'm happy to start this new phase of my life with you. I hope you enjoy your stay here on my page. Maybe we can be friends in the future who knows! :bademoticon:
Besides that, I would love to read you through other websites; so if you want you can take a look to my:
Tumblr Emote Tumblr   
Instagram New Icon Instagram 
Pinterest Icon Pinterest 
YouTube Icon Youtube  

All these accounts are active from now on! I am a dummy! 
Thanks to be there and read you next time!!! Hi!