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Is there a way to find Beleth's colors? Rather, their body's colors? The results: Yes...Seemingly.

Now then, there is White Beleth; the first body. Then there is Red Beleth; the second body.……

In our looking about, we found that mixing the color of White and Red result in a Pink. And both forms of Beleth have that Pink Heart over their left eye. The mark could very well be considered the place of the Soul, imprinted upon their form, along with that Pink eye as well.

We too thought of what the 3 others of the 3 other worlds may look like.

Pike Beleth. Currently known for White in color with a Black Spade upon their eye. It all came to down to what color mixed with White to form Black. This is much for the other 2 worlds' Beleths as well. However for Beleth of Pike; we found Grey to be the color. So! the other form of Beleth of Pike would be Grey with the Black Spade. Since Grey mixed with White make Black.…
Reference by: shikaro

For Beleth of Chance: White with Pink & Red.
Reference by:…

For Beleth of Trebol: Grey with Black & White.
Reference by:…

This is of course with information on color blending we found online.

Many colors can result in such results. However; we stuck to only two primary colors to form the core over the eye. After all; White and Red Beleth do have more than one color. We did find that mixing of multiple colors to simply be too much considering all the results, and how White and Red Beleth only use one color in their physical difference. So having Beleth with multiple colors may be difficult in such naming conventions as well as keeping to the tone of Beleth not showing a multitude of color in body alone.

Timelines of Bodies:
Since at least White & Red Beleth have two different bodies, and we believe the worlds are not so different, we too believe all 4 worlds have two Beleth each. One, to the other. A possible timeline as to which Beleth is seen, first or second of every world, can be formed to a degree:

Now, we would not know if Beleths of Pike and Trebo are the first body, or second. What we have seen of them do not offer a timeline. One may ask how we could possibly know the physical timeline for Beleth of Chance to indeed be the second body. The answer is seen in this event betwixed Amdusio and Pride. Which has yet to happen with Beleth of Cardios, at least from what has been seen since Beleth joined with Amdusias & Orobas.

Now then, for Beleth of Cardios the timeline for the rematch we see here with Amdusias and Pride would be sometime after Beleth left the house in Broken Toy Part 5 but before 6. As well as anytime after the events of Broken Toy Part 6 but before the mission against the Angel in the Forested Cabin.

Considering White Beleth has been placed under Amdusias's care at the end of Broken Toy Part 5, it can be they were able to see the rematch between Amdusias and Pride. It is not known, but Pride may have stayed in Cardios for a time after assisting with the Radio Angel in Itchy Itchy. It is of course possible that Amdusias would leap at the chance to fight Pride again and attempt to defeat her. The comic found by Amdusias in Broken Toy Part 5 can be quite motivating indeed.

As for after Broken Toy Part 6, and before the Forest Cabin Mission, we can say indeed that alot happens at the time, and after the time to possibly have any kind of battle with Pride. Seeing as how we see Amdusias nearly the whole time, in a dangerous mission, and she would not simply leave Orobas's side of the Door in the Forest cause what it did to Orobas.

Meaning: The rematch we see between Amdusio and Pride as well happens between these two points: Broken Toy Part 5 to 6, and after 6 to the Forest Cabin Mission. In both the Chance World, and Cardios World.

Which equates to those times in between those two times, is when Beleth is able to be there for the rematch as we see here with Amdusio and Pride. But also allows for either times to be before and after a new body. So for Beleth of Chance, it is not something so simple to say.

This is all of course with the parallels in things happening between all 4 worlds. The biggest of which connecting all, being The Prophecy. Where it appears that all 4 worlds are changed, and Orobas and Amdusias of their respective worlds and being share the same moments in memory and temporary goodbyes.

Easy for us to say that it is quite the connection of colors, times, and worlds. Absolutely so in terms of probability, really. Do feel it will be some time before we see more, however.…

Effigy of the Pole Star eh? Fitting name really. What with Pole Star seemingly in a constant state of pain. In need of remembering something important.

A piece showing the image of Pole Star, and/or what Pole Star represents. Effigy can also be seen as that of a hated person. For Pole Star, can be anything from Angels, to the sheer feeling of feeling "Negative" (As important as it is to feel such things...).

All have a story to be told. What is your story, little Effigy?

Can be called into question just how much people know of the seemingly, higher powers, of the world.

Beleth knew Paige by name, suggesting people in some degree know of the Troupe.

Unsure if people know Masked Sun, likely do though now.

This piece shows people have some knowledge of Pole Star as a being that exists in their reality, even the others, in all likelihood. By process of connection.

We do feel people are more aware of these beings. However have not gotten into situations where we would be expressly told further details. Only some information alluding to people having further knowledge.


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