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Oh, Booster Gold <3 You're so cool that you deserve curves and boobles and more hair and a stuffed Skeets! ... And far less musculature. Hmmmm.

This is undoubtedly my Most-Irritating-Make/Most-Fun-Had costume to date :3 I will never make a bodysuit again if I can help it, because they are NOT FUN, but I love the finished product! And the fun I had... good lord. AUGHHH. I have SO many stories it's not even DECENT.

Such As! It was awesome, because I was wandering around ComicCon (getting some amusing comments to the tune of "HGDGLGE If Booster Gold looked like that, I'd read the series :D :D :D" LAWL FANBOYS.) and I ended up getting snatched by the writer and editor of the current Booster Gold series o________o They talked to me, lamented the fact that Dan Jurgens (Booster's creator) wasn't there to see, then took pictures!! Cosplayers dream, much?! I was so excited I made a fool of myself, but whatever <3

Skeets is made of fleece, so I cuddle with him at night. He also has a bell or three in him, so he jingles when you shake him! Coolest stuffed animal EVER.

Favorite Part: It was SO easy to wear (footie pajamas!), and it just gave off good vibes. People approached me left and right with their kids, it was so cute! Plus, I had Skeets to sit on when waiting for panels to start :3

Least Favorite Part: My mascara kept SMEARING on my freaking goggles, my wig kept sloping forward 'cos of the damn head-condom, and I had to keep... rearranging my crotch. I sewed it too low out of camel-toe paranoia and I suffered for it ;___;

I'll be posting a few pictures in my scraps, but for anyone interested in some fun ones, proceed: [link]

Booster Gold (c) Dan Jurgens/DC comics
Costume: Spandex
Photos: *enolianslave MY LOVE!
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Great job! I know from experience cosplay isn't easy.