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I ez a cup::Wallpaper by Me

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Oooooookay. So this was my ultimate source of procrastination last night. I have no idea what inspired it. I was just drinking some coffee in a cup that I made with a little eyes when I was in like 2nd grade? xD And randomly it struck through my mind. <: First wallpaper I've ever made on my own. It's cute, but this is my first failed attempt at vectoring so stfu D:

edit - holy hell, this is almost 4 years old and I finally bothered to look at the views to see over 6k views. You people are insane. 8|
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I hope you don't mind but I'm going to use this as a wallpaper. too cute! hahahaha
OMG this is so cute! :3
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awwww...that's sooooooo sweet. So sweet that i almos made diabetis XD
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<33 Thanks!... I think xD;
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Doesn't matter to me. (: Just happy you asked.
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its adorable! i wish you had put it in a different color though....maybe black??? =D
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Yeah, that would have looked good. If I had saved it as a .psd in photoshop, I'd change it for you, but I didn't. D: When/if I make more wallpapers, I'll make some extras with different colors. :3
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Aww, this is really cute x]
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That is soo cute ^.^
it's absolutely a cutie! x]
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That is SO CUTE!
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omygod! Its adorable!!! suuuuper adorable! I love eet XD
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so cute
for girls:D
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It's so cute >3< You got nice wallpaper 8D
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