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The tutorial
This is your chance to become a part of the largest collection of fresh and awesome tutorials on deviantart. The collection will contain tutorials that have not been published yet, and that cover a wide area of arts. I want you to join this project if you think you can contribute with some good stuff.

The tutorial will be organized in a very interactive flash, sort of like the grand planet tutorial only the users will be able to view multiple tutorials at once, and to move them around as they see fit within the flashfile.

There will be 8 or so categories, and each category will have 2-3 different tutorials. These tutorials will be picked from the submissions to ensure quality.
The categories are as follows:

- dA
- Photoshop
- Flash
- Photography
- Drawing
- Literature
- 3D
- Graphic Design
- Color theory
- Typography
- Space/sci-fi

The dA section of the archive will include tutorials on dA. How to get around, tips and tricks and so on. This will be the smallest part of the archive.

This section will include tutorials on using photoshop, getting specific effects and so on.

How to work with, get specific effects and so on...

How to work the camera, using different shutterspeeds, aperture and so on...

digital or traditional, airbrush or pretty much anything like it; anatomy studies, how to draw this and that...

How to write wide range of prose, like short stories and so on. Includes specifics on plotbuilding and such techniques.

How to use 3d applications and how to create specific objects.

Graphic Design
How to create good design, like posters, webdesign and so on...

Color theory
How to work with color

How to get specific effects, different tools in typography and so on...

How to create space scenes, like planets, starfields, meteorites and so on

Whats in it for you?
Lots and lots of credits, and knowing that you have contributed to the dA community i a huge collaborative effort.

Where do I submit?
all submissions should be sent to either a note to Crosseout, or

What do I submit?
The text should be in a document like word, or notepad. No more than 4 images including a final image. Your tutorial cannot be sumbitted to deviantArt before the collaboration is published.

Whats the chance my tutorial will be published in this archive?
Depends on the popularity of the section, but pretty much pretty high as long as it shows some effort and a fairly good quality.

Whats the due date?
30. January 2009
The final project will then be published about the 15. of february 2009.

Spread the word!
Help me spread the word to get this tutorial collaboration done quicker and better. You can link to my journal, the news, and make journals yourselves.

Thank you all very much for all help, either by spreading the word, submitting or both:D

© 2008 - 2021 DemosthenesVoice
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Crosseout's avatar
not a single tutorial was submitted. project canceled.
ACTA30N's avatar
I would also like to make a tutorial, but i'm not so good at explaining things :(
Crosseout's avatar
usually doesnt need that much explaining, you just describe what you do(;
IningBatong's avatar
how do we contribute??
Crosseout's avatar
you make a tutorial and send it to me:)
AJCruz12's avatar
Camille-Besneville's avatar
Nice idea, but ....
what tutorial I can do if I participate ? that is the question lol
Crosseout's avatar
your method of creating planets, landscapes or pretty much anything you like, would be great if you do participate:D
Camille-Besneville's avatar
Ok, I will probably participate ^^
Sounds enticing. You have my appetite watered, so now I will devour my time with photoshop-y goodness!
Crosseout's avatar
The question is, what kind of photoshopp-y goodness is there to do?
Crosseout's avatar
photo manipulation, vector, special effects and so on, the list is endless:P
Ok, I will work on stuffs for you. =P
ACTA30N's avatar
Nice article..congratz :D
JMcDouges's avatar
Hmm, I'll have to look into this, I've been thinking of writing some tutorials for years. Sounds like a great project, I'll contribute where I can and when I have time. College finals coming up here next week will definitely slow me down some. =D
Chromattix's avatar
Sounds cool...I've been wanting to make a tutorial for ages, but my laptop won't let me do screenshots, so I can't :( I probably would have been one of the few who added to the 3D section too, since I found some cool ways to use Vue for things other than it's typical landscapes too =p
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