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We are building up a new world
Do not sit idly by
Do not remain neutral
Do not rely on this broadcast alone
We are only as strong as our signal
There is a war going on for your mind
If you are thinking you are winning
Resistance is victory
Defeat is impossible
Your weapons are already in hand
Reach within you and find the means by which to gain your freedom
Fight with tools
Your fate and that of everyone you know depends on it

long Quickie, maybe 3 hours.
private stock from the great =finchx6 (the gorgeous HRD landscape)
Soldier from *jademacalla

inspired by the music of Flobots
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this is sick , you do some real work of arts.
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Austin, this great artwork has been selected as a cover illustration for NDE 2012 (see [link]), which will be published in Sci-Fi Almanac (2009). If you agree, please send me your written copyright permission, or better yet come join us at the new website [link] and display your great art. Godspeed!
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This, makes me feel hopeful in a way. I adore every part of it.
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thank you so much! :D
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Nice stuff... Great job!
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I.. am in awe, my god I love this piece... :worship:
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:) thank you so much!
pyschotic, i like it
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OH OH!.. Did the Ammar and Caldari Empires breach the Eve gate and start orbital bombardment on Earth?

Verry cool... you definitely deserve a watch.
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Your composition is amazing. Asymmetric but with a great sense of balance.

I like this a lot.
razorbladereflection's avatar
Oh my god this is amazing!

(= :+fav:
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Thats awsome =) =) =) ^^.
Very cool ^^.
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I love the whole feeling of this - and that the colors are close together.
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This is VERY good work, very inspirational itself. May I inqure into 'Flobots'? It doesn't trigger any paticular memory cells...
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thank you.
they are a political hip hop band. not very known, but you can find them on the nets here. google em, you wont be disappointed
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