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Clockwork Wings Tutorial



So a while ago I made these wings:

And had a lot of questions about various aspects of making them and was requested a tutorial. So I made a new pair in order to make this tutorial.

Unfortunately I couldn't make the wings in the same way (which is the part most people were asking about) as I couldn't get the same material I used last time. Also, as mentioned in the tutorial, using card is a lot cheaper and easier.

This is my first tutorial, so if anyone has any suggestions for improvements I'd love to hear them, and if anything's unclear or you have any further questions feel free to ask! Also as mentioned, I know nothing about clockwork, so if anyone does and wants to correct any names or anything that I may have got wrong let me know. Same for if you see any spelling mistakes, I didn't use a spell check and I'm quite prone to typos.

And of course, if you use this for anything, please link back here and send me a link to any pictures of it!
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This is so cool! I'm planning on making angel wings for Seattle Steamcon in October so I'm working on saving some money to buy all the materials I need to make this. ^^ though, do you think it would still work if the wings are bigger?