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I'm not actually dead. I've done it because I thought nobody would care of I die.
He's nice
He makes my life peaceful
He's always there for me
He shows me cool games
He shows me funny videos
I'm stupid
I'm ugly
I'm weak
I'm lame
I'm not normal
I'm not perfect
I'm a wierdo
I'm a freak
I'm a coward
I'm a loser
I'm such an ugly whore
I'm such a crybaby
I'm such a pig
I'm sorry for making hell exist
I'm sorry for being annoying
I'm sorry for causing demons to exist
I'm sorry for being different
Kazuma Kiryu as Rose Quartz
Haruka as Steven
Jun Oda as Ruby
Tachibana as Sapphire
Shun Akiyama as Amethyst
Akira Nishiki as Pearl
Goro Majima as Peridot
Ryuji Goda as Lapis Lazuli
Jingu as Jasper
Kashiwagi as Bismuth

Yakuza belongs to Sega
Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar
Last night I was thinking about Yakuza and Steven Universe crossover (Yakuza characters as gems)
EerieMancubus sacrificed her account because of AmberThePurpleCat
1. I'm going to field trip tomorrow.
2. My brother is coming home from college.
I bought this at the store.
embedded_item1508201920279 by demonzombie54
Happy Birthday Plants vs Zombies
If anybody has a request, comment down below for which plant from Plants vs Zombies should I draw in their human form.
SireVoltz needs his smile back
Here's the link