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'sup ninjas

Check out this slick piece of artwork I got for the :icontmnt-secret-santa: art trade!  I requested a scene from this huge, crazy massive fic I've been writing on and off for about three years now... it's going a little off the rails, but in a good way. :D Technically it's not set in SAINW, but there are certain elements of that episode that show up throughout the story.  This scene looks great, and I love the 2k12 spin on it!  The fic doesn't specify what universe, and it's going to be a little too grimdark to be set in the Nick 'toon, but that's the beauty of artist interpretation and what makes trades like this so fun!  

The scene is Leo, looking out over the training grounds in quiet contemplation, thinking about happier times just before he goes off to meet with a certain enemy of theirs.  Here's a short excerpt if you want to read it yourself.  There's a few more bits and pieces in my scraps, just scenes I pulled for the trade, but they're all from that same story (no spoilers).  I'll start putting it up sometime after the holidays.  

Hope you guys have a good holiday.  Eat, drink, be merry... but watch out for rival clans.  :ninja:
- sweaty

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Hey TMNT fans!  

How you guys liking the new show?  I gotta say I'm hooked.  Here I thought I'd just be watching it with the kid, but now I don't know who's the bigger fan between us!  I've always been a geek for CGI especially, and boy, is this show delivering.  What I hoped for the most was good martial arts action (something that's usually pretty difficult to pull off in 3d animation).  But Nick is totally killing it with this one!  I've been keeping up with the IDW comics too, which are also great.  Heh, I can't believe I'm immersed in this fandom all over again.  Of course, back in the day we didn't have the internet to share our little obsessions with each other.  It's sure is great sharing art and stories with other fans.  :D

So, on that note... I started doing screencaps a while back for various sections of the fandom and figured I might as well give a head's up here too, since I think it makes for good art reference.  Feel free to take what you want and use it, or pass the links along to fellow artists.  Frankly, it's a blast to do them since I get to see aspects of the show that get overlooked normally.  You'd be surprised how much you'll catch on a second or third viewing; the amount of detail the artists are putting into this certainly shows how committed they are.  

My screencaps are all high res, from 1080p web download.  I do the occasional wallpaper too (you'll see a separate folder there for those), so go ahead, grab and share whatever you want.  I usually put the caps up a couple days after the new episode airs so look for them then (after the hiatus - some time in February, I believe).  If you want, you can also follow me on tumblr - I always send out an update when the new caps are up, plus there's a few other goodies on there.  :D

imgur: Sweaty's Screencap Gallery
tumblr: Sweat's Dojo

Alright ninjas.  Stay healthy, stay stealthy... and remember: if the time's up, never, ever pay full price for dat pie. :ninja:
- ds
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Another amazing fanart, this time from artist :iconmomorawrr:.  Momo was kind enough to draw a piece for those of us that entered into the Fandom Unity Contest last year.  I requested a scene from my fic, Underneath it All and he/she chose this, a pivotal moment towards the end of Chapter 03.  

MR did a great job, eh?  I really love the way their ninja gear looks!  Hm... Raph looks pretty worried...
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TMNT SS 11 for Demonsweat! by arbrenoir

Heads up on a beautiful piece of fanart that the very talented :iconarbrenoir: did for my fanfic Eyes Open.  He/she was my TMNT secret santa this year.  I linked to a few scenes from several of my works that I was fond of, and arbrenoir chose this one from that list. Great choice, I think - I couldn't be happier with the result!
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