Symbiote, if You Please

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"Paul?  This is your name?"

He looked at Maya first, but no, the voice couldn't have come from her.  This one was much deeper, a man's he thought.  He craned his neck, looking to put a body to this disembodied speaker.

"Paul, listen to me.  Do not respond to me, or they may take action against us.  If they knew I was speaking to you, they would not hesitate to kill us both on the spot."

Paul held his breath.  It couldn't be.  Was the voice coming… from inside his head?

The voice went on.  "I understand your confusion but there isn't much time.  These people, the ones who have captured us, they will not allow you to leave here.  They mean to keep you here Paul, so that they can study me."

This was too much.  Paul could hardly piece together what the lady, Maya, had said.  A sentient organism had taken up residence inside him?  And now it was talking to him.  He couldn't hold it back any longer.  Paul took a deep breath and opened his mouth to scream…

… only to shut it again.  "I am sorry, Paul.  I cannot let you alert them," the voice said, its tone indeed sounding apologetic.  "I have the ability to control your functions, though I do not wish to do so.  Please, do not be afraid.  I was taken from my home, a moon your people call Ganymede which orbits the planet you call Jupiter.  I only wish to return there.  I promise you that I mean no harm to you or your kind."

No harm, Paul thought.  Right.  That was why he was strapped down to a bed with a woman armed to the teeth standing watch over him.

"I am very sorry, Paul.  It was not my intent to be captured again."  

And it was reading his thoughts as well.  Fantastic.

"Please, you have to trust me.  We must escape from here."

Paul looked down at himself, restrained to the bed.  Fat chance of that happening, he thought.  What did this thing think he was going to do, ask politely to leave?

"Leave that up to me," it said.  A burst of adrenaline shot through Paul just then, causing him to break into a sweat.  Something didn't feel right.  What was this thing doing to him?  Paul looked down at his body and saw it shifting under the blankets, changing.  Growing.  

"Again, I apologize for this," the thing said.  "Just relax.  Once we are free, I will give you full control again."

Odyssey II project, chapter 3! :D

edit: Made it into the Runner's Up list! Thank you very much. :D On to Chapter 4!
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Nanuqq's avatar
Loved this so much :D
Kelsey-Barnwell2's avatar
oh so weird I LOVE IT :D so strange i definetly want to know what he changes or grow into or whatever I love it when things morph into things they shouldn't
demonsweat's avatar
Ha, me too. Thanks! :D
moondancer98's avatar
The voice I mean.
demonsweat's avatar
It's a sentient organism he was infected with. Right now the story could go anywhere. I wanted to make it more of a symbiotic relationship, but some people are going the parasitic route. All good stuff, though. :)
moondancer98's avatar
I like the symbiotic relationship idea.
demonsweat's avatar
Thanks! I think a few other people went that route too. Looks like the story still has the potential to go there, I guess we'll have to wait and see. :D
moondancer98's avatar
LordofStupidity's avatar
I actually kinda like the organism now because of your piece. He(?) sounds like a likable and relatable person organism:3
demonsweat's avatar
Thanks! I don't know where this story will go, but I'm kind of hoping Paul will have some sort of relationship with it. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. :D
tamaranorbust's avatar
Nicely done. I thought of having the thing talking to him inside his head but didn't do it in the end - you've pulled it off really well.
"And it was reading his thoughts as well. Fantastic." Great line. There's nice progression in the plot here, too.
demonsweat's avatar
Thanks a lot, I appreciate the kind words. :D
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