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The Witch And The Grim Reaper

(A story of redemption)

The witch was angry so she cast a spell
She sent her lover to eternal Hell
She discovered he had been cheating
Whilst she had been trick and treating
She was in a state of blind fury
She was found guilty of murder by a jury
Now the Grim Reaper is on her case
The witch finally succumbs to the chase
She submits and reconciles herself to Hell
Will she cope? Who can tell?
So be careful when you fall in love
Be as true as a pure white dove
The Grim Reaper drags her by the hair
She screams and screams but he does not care
He will take her to a place full of corruption and decay
In a final act of desperation she starts to pray
God hears her call and resolves to save the day
He strikes the Grim Reaper who is blown away
The witch is granted a new lease of life
And in time she becomes a happy and contented wife
The witch was much in love but was betrayed. She sought vengeance. Would she be punished or would she find redemption?
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Submitted on
November 27, 2017


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