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The Puppet's Christmas Dream

On Christmas Day dreams come true
Some puppets have dreams too
The puppet wants to be set free
She wishes to gain her liberty
She imagines sitting on a crescent moon
And dancing to a happy tune
On Christmas Day her wish is granted
The whole world now seems so enchanted
No more pulling of strings
What happiness her freedom brings
She loves to choose her own way
She loves to sing and play
We are all tied up in chains
"Set them free" the puppet exclaims
The puppet master considers this remark
There is a sudden flash and spark
All the chains fall to the ground
What a wonderful sound
The puppet master has set us free
Christmas is our day of liberty
Freedom is a glorious thing
Listen to the puppets sing
I hope this Christmas your dreams come true
The puppets are singing especially for you
Christmas is a wonderful time. I hope your dreams come true. Many people are exploited in the world and we need to set them free. So think of others this Christmas and count your blessings.
Mentalverse Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
superb, doubt il ever try and write an xmas poem again because this is happy and smashes it mate. my effort 'candy floss man' in collection is dark and think too deviant for popularity!! - cheers Clap 
demonrobber Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2018
Thanks for the positive feedback
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