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Cheating Death

The witch was getting frail and old
She could feel the chill of the cold
She did not want to die
She started to cry
She resolved to cast a spell
That would make her young and well
She would now live forever
She thought she was oh so clever
She felt wonderful and free
She believed this was her destiny
She met princes and princesses
She indulged in many excesses
But as time past by
Her old friends started to die
She felt miserable inside
The sadness would not subside
Now she appreciates the value of friends
Her love and adoration for them never ends
The future is hard to foretell
She resolved to reverse the spell
Sometimes the things we want most
Are as elusive as a cheerful ghost
Youth is not always a cherished gift
The witch felt her gloom start to lift
She accepted death was close at hand
She would soon depart her beloved land
Shortly she would pass into another domain
Only her lifeless body would remain
Now she is with all her old friends
And that is where this story ends
Cheating death is often regarded as an impossible dream but perhaps if your wish was granted it could turn into a nightmare. We cannot foretell the future.
newboldworld Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2017
Brilliant!    :-)
demonrobber Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2017
Thank you.
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December 5, 2017


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